Windows 10 running on a Dell D430

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This laptop was produced in 2007, saved it from dump 🙂
Successfully upgraded to Win 10 from Windows 7 Professional.

It’s still a good computer for simple tasks like e-mail, web browsing and a little bit of gaming (2004 or previous years games)

Everything works by default, no need to install drivers because they’re automatically installed through Windows update during Windows 10 install.

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  1. Just to clarify: The D430 still uses the same 945GMS chipset from its predecessor (D420) unlike the rest of Dx30 models, it can be seen in BIOS and Device Manager, as such the integrated graphics is GMA 950.

    Fixed two D430 before and gotta say they run Windows 10 very well, though I went for 64-bit, don't wanna gimp a 64-bit machine with 32-bit OS. Both have 2GB RAM and 60GB hard drive, all drivers (even 64-bit) are available in Dell's website. A great netbook/ultraportable even to this day.

    Then I also have a D420 running Win 10, as my daily driver.

  2. Hi, I am having same laptop(Dell Latitude D430) and its running in Windows 7 Professional. I tried to update the Windows 10 and getting failed all the time. COuld you please tell me, how did you installed in it. Thanks.

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