Windows 10 S announced for Business users and some low cost laptops from HP Lenovo and Acer

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  1. Only this time. that unfortunal soul who only saw the cheap price, and bought windows 10s computer.
    Long as it still has x86 cpu they at least have the option to purchase pro upgrade (50$) and then they can use those applications that aren't in the store.
    Also I have heard good things about the x86 emulation, so maybe even with cheap ARM based computers are able to be upgraded to 10 pro.

    Biggest problem with windows RT was that there wasn't any other option to get "normal" applications to work than buy a new computer.
    Had windows RT had option to be upgraded to the windows 8 pro that could emulate and then run x86 applications, I would think that those would have been much more successful.

    Now as they where, they basically only run internet explorer and word.
    Why would I buy a RT tablet pc when any Android tablet or iPad with keyboard case could do the same, and also include their much richer app ecosystems.

    So basically windows 10s is what RT was supposed to be, and also includes option to get back to the normal windows if you want to.

    However I must say that, if companies start to make windows 10s the new windows 10 home and include all of the 400-1000€/$ computers with the windows 10s and only the 1500+ segment would be shipped with 10 pro. That is what I fear the most.

  2. I think the low cost W10 S laptops will be big for Jr High and High school students whose parents don't want to spend a lot on their laptops but want something better than a Chromebook. If they can just get the app store filled with useful apps downloading programs won't be a problem.

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