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Microsoft completely skips over Windows 9 and goes straight to 10; Bendgate schmendgate, Samsung’s Note 4 is getting attention for Gapgate; Spotify officially launches in Canada and Battlefield 4 gets a huge update.

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  1. Hey guys I need help of the community,

    I am building my pc, but in 2 parts:
    First whole pc minus gpu, then the gpu.
    So I need to pick a motherboard, first I wanted to get a really cheap ASRock 35€ (45$) moto but I saw I would run into power problems when combining it with my fx 6300.
    What board should I get?
    Price: around 60-90$
    Stable for fx 6300
    Overclocking (4.5 ghz) (i like uefi bios but not necessary
    Support for minimum 1333 mhz ram, preferably 1600
    Built in graphics (dvi hdmi or vga)
    The small Pci (not express) slot must be accessible with gpu (2 slots) placed in the pc (so I can have WiFi card and gpu at the same time)
    Sata 3 if possible

    Think that is it…

    I had this one in mind, it supports almost everything, only no sata 3 but it is cheap and it is stable.
    gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3

    Thanks for the help,

  2. I laughed so hard about the Note 4. Just due to how worked up Samsung users were getting about iphone 6, their horses were getting higher and higher, I bet they aren't smiling now. Personally, I would rather a phone that can bend more easily than others, than a phone with a Fucking gap. 

  3. The problem I have with windows for a multi billion dollar company there os improvements or add ons seem to be behind I mean most of the features mentioned such as multi task windows and copy and paste the command line has been done on  linux based distros for years now, 

    Microsoft need to pull there finger out 

  4. The reason they skipped 9 is because windows 95 and 98 were the only os's with the number 9 in them. Therefore third party products would codename the os's "windows 9." Microsoft didn't want developers to get confused and have to rewrite the code to avoid headaches. So to just avoid all that nonsense altogether they skipped 9 and went to 10. 

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