Windows 10: screen will not auto rotate

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In Windows 10, your default settings wont allow your screen to auto rotate


  1. Well this sucks I looked under my settings on my hp tablet and I don't have the option but when I first got this device and set it all up with windows 10 it still auto rotated on its on still but had to get my tablet fixed and rested now it doesn't work guess I'm gonna have to do it manually is there by chance anything I could download to fix this problem?

  2. I want to say thank you for this.Because I was doing everything to figure out why my computer wont rotate.The last part that you said that is what happened to my computer so I just wanted to say thank you for saying me a LOT of trouble.

  3. it's greyed out for some reason, which is weird because auto rotate used to work for my tablet and suddenly it's not and that option is greyed out 🙁

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