Windows 10 Settings You Should Change

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Windows 10 Settings You Should Change

When it comes to Windows 10 there are a number of settings that you may want to disable and enable but the majority of these settings will be disabled.

Some of the big concerns are privacy settings like Speech, Inking and Typing. These will Send Microsoft info about what you write and search to help Microsoft improve Windows 10 for the future.

Another big one to disable is choose how updates are delivered.

Cortana and WiFi settings will also be…


  1. I really appreciate your Windows 10 series. I did not want to capitulate to using Windows 10 for obvious privacy reasons, but your videos have made this a much smoother transition in regards to maintaining a better level of anonymity.

  2. I had Windows 10 for a good few months and then a Windows 10 update just made my PC run badly. Trying to remove Win 10 was a mission as my PC would not boot from a disc because Win 10 changes your bios settings and you need to change them back. I am so glad I have revered back to my previous operating system and I have disabled all Windows updates.

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