Windows 10 speed for gamers and VS Windows 8 and Windows 7

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Speed of Windows 10 gaming and also compare Windows 10 to Windows8 and 7 for performance


  1. windows 7 was simple loved it but windows 8 offered a new start screen and stuff which was manageable, took some getting used to but ok, windows 10 is a fucking train reck of added new shit I don't know where to begin why they couldn't just stay with the same damn design to shit if it works

  2. Yea DirectX12 is running faster under the hood…  Playing Skyrim with nearly everything maxed out at fairly solid 60FPS with no sharp rises and falls within the frame rates…   Although the FPS are essentially capped to the monitor (with vsync on) the rendering is much faster… I thought it was simply the physics slowing down my system but that was not really the case…  I am very happy with DirectX12 and Windows 10.

  3. I have been testing Windows 10 and like it a lot!  …  DirectX12 IS and is NOT faster by 30% to 50% … The FPS is approx what Windows 7 or Windows 8 would produce… The real benefit is unlike Windows 7 and Windows 8 the image quality is much higher and plays smoother.  Details are much higher and the physics details seem higher… Yet when you run benchmarks on 3D performance and physics the scores are actually very low…  much lower than you would expect…  My game play is better on Windows 10 due to better quality graphics rendering with the same speed as Windows 7 but tests shows it preforming slower… The whole system outside of playing 3D games is decent!

    The 30% to 50% speed increase is more on the side of under the hood of DirectX12 in how it scales and renders… such produces higher quality graphics from what I can tell.   It is misleading to say Windows 10 is 30% to 50% faster… it makes it sound like you are getting 30% to 50% more FPS…   Rather that extra power is spent on pre processing.

    Later,  🙂

  4. So you're basically saying that Windows 10 performs better than 8.1 but it's not necessarily faster then 8.1. If that is true I will take the slower windows 10 over the 8.1 for the performance. Can you clarify on what you know so far on windows 10 vs 8.1.

  5. I have ran both Windows 7 and 8 and your statement on windows 8/8.1 being faster is not always true…  In fact I found it played the games a little slower by a few fps… Yea Windows 8/8.1 loads faster and really has some nice features but for gamers it is an issue when your frame rates rise and drop quickly or there is system lag.   Windows 7 has the ability after a system crash to allow a menu to fix any issues, but Windows 8/8.1 took it out and replaced it with an alternative system fix.  There are times Windows 8/8.1 could not be fixed easily but running Windows 7 would allow for the fix and do it very well!   … Windows 10 really does look nice and the DirectX12 looks cool but the 30% to 50% is BS!  … AMD's Mantle development team already was on record for saying DirectX is bloated and poorly optimized.   Unless DirectX12 is COMPLETELY from the ground up re designed it will not have the performance you indicate.    DirectX12 will help to keep video cards cooler and limit the FPS to the vsync of the monitor so higher fps will not be rendered that a monitor can not handle.  This will help stop sharp rises and drops in fps and keep the video cards and cpus running a little more cool as they will not have the same work load…

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