Windows 10 Spring Creators update review part 5 Timeline and continue where you left off

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What is the biggest new feature of the update Timeline


  1. Spring Creators Update has been delayed according to Winbeta "Although it’s been widely reported that the ready-for-the-world Windows 10 Redstone 4 (1803) release would begin today, it’s now appearing that it’s not to be, not today anyway. Both Paul Thurrott and Zac Bowden have tweeted today that the release has been “delayed,” although the April 10 release date has come from Microsoft watchers and not Microsoft itself. Normally these announcements would come with a 6am blog post, which did not happen."

  2. "Timeline" is… probably not something I'll use. I don't use many programs by MS anyhow. I can see using a "timeline" feature if I could click on a button that says "Add this to my timeline" but if it's a document of any kind, I can j(and do) ust put a link on my desktop. Also, it seems MS and others could access "timeline" and find out more about us. When it comes to all these new features, I would like MS to actually ask us if we want them. Explain what they are, what they do — in detail — and let us click yes or no to downloading. That could save a lot of time and space on our home computers (and I have only one with Windows 10 on it).

  3. hello my friend microsoft following all that we do not only on the web but on our pc that's make me really be confiused can you please stress that point .thank you

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