Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, version 1803, new features review

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Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, version 1803, official release review with all the new features, improvements, and changes coming in April 2018… Read more.
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Update 4/10/2018: Microsoft has delayed the release of the Spring Creators Update due to bug problems. However, it’s still in…


  1. Does anyone know when the next LTSB/LTSC after build 1607 is going to be released?? So far, that is the ONLY version of Windows 10 I've found that is lightweight, stable, free from bugs and bloatware..I installed it last year and haven't allowed it to update itself ever since. If there isn't going to be a newer build of LTSB anytime soon, I'll happily stick with my current 1607.

  2. Signing up and trying to get a update to install from the fast ring has become so problematic because I keep getting a stupid error massage that only gives numbers and I believe it has a X included with no message to give a reason why it occurs. I didn't bother to right it down out of frustration that I gave up on it and to hell with it.

  3. I test it , free bugs i saw really I rather wait till Microsoft releases then I can clean install , the bugs i found was when I I open task manager for a few seconds it says it's not responding and few times I realized window when it's open it keeps popping Everytime I click so yeah few bugs already in new windows version going back to old version

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