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Welcome back to The Zamp Camp. So if you have followed The Zamp Camp you are no stranger to our issues with Windows 10. Every time we have to do a Windows 10 currently the Windows 10 May 2017, update it gives us issues! Doolbagjohnson (Camp Daddy) is back with his angry rants. We know a lot of people have had issues with Windows 10 updates getting stuck or frozen and losing important stuff and it sucks!

This is all Microsoft has on their website for help:
If you’re having problems with…


  1. I've been on the internet from the time everything had to be typed in DOS, because there were no operating systems like Windows. My first Windows was 95, the second one was 98, both of these versions became broken messes from 6-months to a year, and needed to be completely reinstalled. I skipped windows NT-4.0,, and 2000, because they all got really bad reviews. Then came XP the first decent operating system.

    Then Microsoft came out with Vista, another failure of a system. Then came windows 7, which so far seems to be their best operating system. Then came 8, 8.1 and finally their biggest screw up of all Windows 10.

    It's like going back to square one with this piece of crap! There are more bugs in this system then in a roach motel.

    I have 4 computers two have win 10 on them, and my desk top has a duel boot system of 10, and 7, I installed in 2009 on a hard disk, that has been in 3 computers so far with no problems, and my wife's is windows 7, which has also been going since 2009 on the same computer.

    Neither one of the Windows 7 operating systems have given me any problems, when we bought new computers I just swapped the hard drives for the ones that came with the computer, and used the ones that came with the computer as storage.

    But the windows 10 operating system has been nothing but a pain in the ass. My new lap top came with a problem. After I installed one of my music programs, it needed to be rebooted,
    and got stuck in a reboot cycle. It would just keep giving you a message that it needed to be rebooted. It took a couple of hours on the internet but I did find a fix for that problem.

    Then the version on my desk top after an upgrade 2-months ago just started making the computer reboot on it's own. The event log was telling me that some program but not telling me which one was trying to access some other program then crashing. Using the error codes supplied, I couldn't find a fix, so I decided to re-install using a system image, and that's when I found that although backup was showing that it backed up my files, and did a system image, it wouldn't re-install those files because something was missing, (I tried 3 different system images, and all gave me the same message) so I had to re-install windows 10 from scratch and all my programs which took a day!

    Then right after that; I get a message from Microsoft that they no longer support the version of Win-10 that came with this computer, so I need to upgrade to a new version, which was a 6 hour download, and install ordeal! Who knows how many files are missing here?
    So last night I stopped using windows 10, hard drive and went back to using my old windows 7 hard drive.

    I will keep trying the 10 version once in a while to see if maybe they actually fixed it, but I'm really skeptical! And after the backup issue which is actually windows 7, I even got a 3rd party backup program, because I no longer trust that the win-7 backup program works right either!

  2. The fucking Mail program! Jezzz! It must have taken them hours of complex programming to make something so unusable & shit! I've got crap loads of stuff I've sent – go in the fucking "sent" folder – Fuck all there! "Refresh" it – Still fuck all there!

  3. Win10 updated and my display resolution went full retard. It was not correctable. There were 3 resolution choices, all bad. Real bad. I used Classic Shell to make Win8 run like Win7 – which is expensive now. Not bothering with Win10. I reset to prior to update but it updated every time I booted up. Win8 and Win10 made me go MAC. gg Redmond.

  4. It is worse than Vista! Even Vista was more stable than this crap! The explorer.exe seem to crash very often. Specially the folder System. When I go trough files, it closes all folders and restarts the explorer.exe! I even had pcs where you couldn't even make a right click. The explorer.exe crashes instantly! I tell you one thing, my next pc won't be a Windows! More money for more bugs? Never again!

  5. last weekend I return back my last LAPTOP PC to windows 7,windows 10 its the last piece of garbage OS ever made, even BSO's on windows millenium near W10 its kidsplaying

  6. MS Windows 10 version 1709 update fails no matter what I do. I agree with you that MS Windows 10 sucks! I have tried everything, but the MS Windows 1709 fails after trying to update more than 20 times with the same effing error regarding some feature with Adobe flash video. According to effing MS, I can get some security patches until the effing 1709 update gets installed, but this is not happening; thus, I am as mad as you are on this video. It seems that the effing MS developers don't give a sh….t about us users!

  7. Why not upgrade to windows 10? simple, the forced Windows updates. They are full of bugs and end up crashing so many computers forcing you to do hard resets ending up having to do fresh windows installations and sometimes resulting in damaged hard drives (from too many hard resets).

  8. Change it in Restart options in the update menu. It sucks but Windows has many options you have to disable after instalation because they are shit and will ruin your experience.

  9. Windows 10 è una merda e la Microsoft è bastarda ogni 3 giorni un aggiornamento in più il pc va piu lento e a fare un aggiornamento ci mette 3 ore invece Windows 8 mi andava benissimo niente aggiornamenti pc veloce e non di merda come adesso

  10. Guy you being happy, happy about this . This 10 shit has FUCKED me over so many times . It has cost me 5 machines because of crashes . With this 10 shit you need a second computer just to keep it running . Guy get a second computer, that was just a warning shot get ready for a good bend over. And always backup to a flash drive or more . In today's world backup is a must .

  11. I saw we all go to Microsoft and destroy everything for continuously fucking shit up. Just got a new laptop as a gift and I spent the past 3 hours cursing at it because it kept doing it's own thing. I turned off that little blue box crap, and it keeps coming back on, didn't allow me to customize my installation, won't even cooperate with me when I try and get a windows 7 looks. Well it's looking more and more like I will never be using this crap top…. I mean laptop.

  12. what a piece of shit this is. Can't get any of my old programs to work. Anything is available for sale at the Microsoft store. This is nothing but a money grab and an execise in frustration. Gonna puy my old #7 back on and windows can go fuck themselves

  13. Microsoft had their own lineups exclusive to PC. They had MS Kids,MS Home,MS Work and when you bought one of their products you would get a bonus program showing their latest offers. One of their best selling simulators was Train Simulator with a gazillion add ons and routes/scenarios.etc a lot for free might I add Flight Simulator was great thru the FS X Gold edition then they dumbed it way down then went out of business.

  14. With one of those things we got Battlefield 1942 with it the full version. With Sound Blaster we got Star Trek Voyager Elite for free with it not a demo. 🙂 This site you can see just how much more software there was and what it was. Go to the mid 90s and it's not just adventure gaems but anything semi related like kids software. There was a lot of software for kids but most parents didn't have a home computer yet so missed out.

  15. Now back in the Win 7 and earlier you could get lots of stuff. A good place to try things out was Tucows I don't know if they still exist but it was fun trying out shareware products and if you bought sound cards/graphic cards or drivers.etc you often got a free full game included.

  16. What I hate most of all is no software for 10. Unless you don't mind doing smartphone stuff like shop/chat and stream that's all Win 10 is good for. Today we have very few companies for the PC and what exists is usually bad ports from a game console and all FPS games or Bejewelled.

  17. I wish devs would start doing everything for Linux or other distros. Then I could install that, which is simple and works, not like Windows and have no issues.

  18. Windows 10 is freaking terrible, in middle of making a video windows decides to update and when it finished updating the sound card that i use stopped working and then my screen every hour started going blank and it would come back again.

    I'm glad my machine still supports windows 7, cause i think windows 7 & linux will be the go to operating systems to use in 2017! 😛

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