Windows 10 sucks ! Keep your dam hands off of windows 7

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Windows 10 sucks ! Keep your dam hands off of windows 7
Windows 7 users are angry about Microsoft pushing 10 on people.


  1. I hate windows 10. It's WORST operating system ever made. Windows 8.1 was better when I was using it in last day of 2015. I am now using Windows 7 on my PC. The operating system made my computer faster and gave my local disk 999 GB. I don't know why. When i tried to use Windows 8.1 in the first day of 2016 it upgraded to Windows 10! I started hating 10. But NOT anymore. In 2017, I kept using Windows 10. I lost hatred on that OS. since I unplugged and plugged my computer 3 times during a Windows update, it broke! And I telled my dad to format the computer installing Windows 7 on my PC. Then Windows 7 made my computer VERY fast! The boot doesn't take so long to load. It takes short to load. And i was having fun using Windows 7. The theme Windows 7 Basic was boring, then I toggled Aero. And i installed Vegas Pro on my Windows 7 PC. and other anti-viruses my dad liked. He installed Driver Boosted and fixed the Wi-Fi because formatting the System Disk is not allowed. You'll lose games, and other things that is on the System Disk if you format the System Disk. My dad did that, and created a new disk which I don't know. And i was having fun with Windows Aero. In 2009, I had Windows 98, and the mouse died and bought a new computer with operating system which had Windows Vista. In dec 20, 2015 the mouse broke again. I bought another computer Positivo Stilo DR3000 which had Windows 8.1 on it. I now have Windows 7 on Positivo Stilo DR3000.

    That's why Windows 10 is garbage.

  2. "GREAT video and comments. Though you act and sound a little stoned and immature with your comments they are SPOT ON ! I couldn't agree more I feel like I am being raped with all this CRAP being forced on us. We are screwed we have to have a computer so its either an over priced yuppie mac or bill gates greedy crap. We are at the mercy of these people coming up with this crap . Useless crap they put on windows 10. Stupid pop ups like grrrrrr when I make a mistake W.T.F. do we have high schoolers making this crap up. Every frickin time these asshats make all these changes and we have to re learn windows again. The search engines like you said are a joke. Windows ten is all about forcing advertising down our throats and installing more ways to spy on us. **ckkkkkkkkkkk I am so sick of bill gates and his windows programs. Windows 10 is full of useless crap and like you said I would pay to keep older operating systems. So any greedy people from Microsoft reading this work on that. We all know it's all about the "Benjamin's" anyway. I still wish I could use XP. The problem is all the stupid young morons working for gates and their stupid video game mentality coming up with these ideas that are forced down our throats. I also HATE the forced updates again W.T.F. I pad for it I should be able to decide what I want on MY computer. Last week I went to turn off my computer and for an hour it was updating. The next day when I tuned it back on to do some business my fucking computer was held ransom for 3 FUCKING hours while the updates were being installed. I actually lost some business because I couldn't contact my customers, fuck you bill gates start being concerned for the people who line your pockets with money !

  3. Windows 10 Version 1703 Sucks.
    I never use that shit again.

    I Goed Back to 1607.

    Windows 10 Version 1703 gives a error message saying That its side by side configuration is incorrect every time you try to launch an application (*.exe).

    Also it shows PowerShell instead of cmd.

    Also it discontinued Control Panel. It uses Settings instead.

    A bunch of crap about Mail.
    A bunch of crap about Windows Defender Security Center.

    Basicly, Windows 10 Version 1703 is the worst Windows 10 ever.
    Also it has more bad features.
    Everything in that fricking 1703 Sucks.

  4. i had windows 7 on my old computer till it blow up then i got windows 10 on my new computer it broke 4 different times i took back to store they said it was fine two different come home and i have problem like back screen when boot it up and it take forever for the dashboard to load like half a hour and my sound speaker option and internet explorer do not work what so ever is so bad things just don,t work at all

  5. True. We all hate Windows 10. im a proud windows 7 user. This is bullshit. i would pay $10000000 for a sp2 for it. My Acer aspire had windows 10 and i had to "upgrade" to windows 7. cause this bullshit was slow and garbage.

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