Windows 10 System Requirements for Good Fast Performance

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This video gives you the Windows 10 minimum system requirements you will need, to get good & fast working device performance from your desktop, laptop, Windows tablet and Windows phone devices.


  1. No, Windows 10 requires at least 512MB of graphic card. i have 256MB card while i had no problem with windows 7 Aero transparent themes but i had graphics problem in windows10 so came back to windows 7 Aero.

  2. last time i installed nd then with my restart of laptop it got hanged leading me format again,,,,,, for laptops windows 7 is the best currently,,,,,, don,t install any other windows if u system does not have a touch screen option

  3. When I run the "get windows 10' app I fet a messafe saying something along the liunes of: "Your CPU is not supported by Windows 10" and "GTX 980 TI is not supported". My CPU is an Intel 4770 and my gpu is a MSI GTX 980 TI GAMING.

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