Windows 10 : The Tablet Experience

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  1. I just got a cheap win 10 tablet made by insignia. it has 32 gig storage, quad core, and the biggie 2 gigs of ram.. All for 150 bucks which I thought was a bargain. Only downside is no 5g but i hate how poor the range is on 5g anyways.. Like I can't even get 5g in my basement with the router upstairs maybe 20 ft away..

    My big gripe is the touch screen is very weakish.. It has nothing to do with win 10 but more or less the brand of tablet being the issue. Other than that, I hate win 10 and much prefer win 7. But going from Android sam tabs to this win 10 tab I love this thing much more.. It has so much more use.. You can actually get in the os and poke around a bit more like a real pc.. Android root locks their devices and even their os is so limited in function.. Android is really a noob tablet compared to win 10 tab.. I only wish I could afford a bit better win 10 tablet with a optional keyboard..
    Im still getting used to the win 10 gui on tablet.. I am finding my fat fingers are hard to use this thing.. I am watching videos like this one to try and find some tips and tricks to improving the tablet. For some reason after about n hour of setting it up the 2 gigs of ram only had 500 mb left and she was slowing down.. In android you simply clear unused apps.. but I have zero win 10 experience and don't know how to clear it..

  2. If I had to use Windows 10 on a tablet or computer, I would not own any of it. What a complicated ugly mess. If a tablet is going to run a computer operating system….then stick to Windows 7.. At least that is usable.

  3. I found this video very difficult to follow. You seem to be jumping, scrolling, and tapping all over the place with no real set direction.

    I suggest you create a script, or at the very least a item list whereby you can follow along with yourself, thus making sense for the rest.

    When you tap on something, take time to tell where it is located ie: tap on the such and such bottom right corner etc.

    I realize this will take a bit more time, but it would be of a professional nature.

  4. You say nonsense? Have you tried this on a normal sized tablet or only on a Surface 3 Pro? I don't know why they had to eliminate charms and change the swipe in functions. It is much less useful on a sub 10" tablet. I can get around on my Surface 3 Pro, but not my Atom processor mini tablet.

  5. I totally agree. I have a Surface 3 for work which I recently upgraded to Windows 10. I loved the Windows 8 Metro screen and it always bugged me that I had to switch to desktop every time I used any serious applications for work (Office, Adobe etc) so I loooove that Windows 10 integrates it all. And switching between tasks is so easy now. And the task bar can display differently when at my desk: dock with second screen,  just what you need when you need it. And … the list of plusses is endless.

  6. I'm an andriod user. I've ever had any device that wasn't android. I'm curious and I really want to try a windows or ios device but my mom won't buy me one because the lady at T-mobile convinced her that Android was the best and now she refuses to let me even try another device. So I'm saving up some money and I'm leaning towards getting a windows device. Anyone know a good working but cheap windows tablet?

  7. For a company pushing universal design for all form factors, the different design for tablet apps and desktop apps is jarring. Seeing a desktop app alongside a tablet app showed just how different and bifurcated Windows 10 still is. Microsoft has put lots of time into marketing but not enough time dealing with the details of the new OS.

  8. Issue 1:

    You can't access the things from start menu directly (Such insignificant and rarely used programs as the file explorer).
    Issue 2:
    You can't set the auto hide taskbar option for tablet mode only
    Issue 3:
    If you don't, some things (Videos on the Internet especially) won't hide the taskbar most of the time

    Those three things combined just kill tablet mode, especially the last one.

    I should also mention, that I don't have a proper tablet, but a Laptop with touchscreen, which also supports tent mode and all that stuff.
    For that it would also more useful if the scroll direction in the start menu would be horizontal (It doesn't matter too much though, since I use it 99% of the time with a keyboard and mouse anyways).

  9. Thank you for making this video. I recently upgraded my Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet to 10. Until watching this video, I didn't fully grasp how tablet mode functions on Windows 10. My mind was still in 8.1 mode. Your video really gave me a new perspective on things. I will say though that your Surface Pro 3 really makes Windows 10 on a tablet seem much snappier than on my Atom based unit. I've noticed more lag with Windows 10. Hopefully, this will be addressed with further updates.

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