Windows 10 Tips And Tricks: CRITICAL ERROR – Start Menu and CORTANA aren’t working.

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After installing Windows 10, I got the message, ” * Critical Error * Start Menu and Cortana aren’t working.
We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in. ” As directed, I logged out and back in, shut off and restarted
several times, but nothing worked. Web search showed you could revert to the previous version of Windows,
but the critical error message wouldn’t let me use anything. Even installed programs compatible with Win10
like Adobe InDesign weren’t working properly.
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  1. I need to know right away if this will corrupt any key files. I have Bitcoin/Ether on one of my computers that is having this problem. I use Mist for the ether which backs up the encrypted keys into appdata. I don't trust e-mailing the keys nor putting them on dropbox. I would rather them stay local with only local offline backups. I am not worried about the btc keys, I have plenty of ways to move my coins elsewhere during backup. I don't trust Jaxx to hold the amount of eth I have during beta and security audit. So my eth is staying local. I don't have a stick at the moment to back the keys onto. Will following either of these steps cause a loss in any of the appdata folders contents, or even the slightest of chances my keys could be harmed?

  2. Start menu and cortana aren't working. I have Avast Free Antivirus and one solution was to uninstall the antivirus. Had to use the command prompt to open Control Panel then selected 'uninstall programes. Wouldn't let me uninstall Avast but another option was 'Update' I selected this, updated the antivirus and it cured the problem

  3. How the hell do you think we should start cmd with administrator privileges if we can't open start?
    Here's how:
    Press CTRL+ALT+DEL
    Go to File -> Run new task
    Type cmd and check the box "create this task with administrative privileges

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