Windows 10 tips and tricks How to shut down restart sleep or change accounts

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Shut down, restart and sleep modes and how to change user accounts in this tips and tricks episode


  1. I love your windows comments.A windows 10 logo appeared okay on my taskbar but I had to install windows 10 via an iso image onto a dvd.I now have windows 10 but on the right of the screen it says activate windows.I have no product key.I am not going to pay for it!What can I do?

  2. Hi. I would like to ask something about the Power Options to allow setting the Sleep Duration and Turn off Display Duration. Do both of them function the same way?

    I'm asking this because it's odd though when I'm playing music thru Groove Music. As soon as the display turns off, the music stops. So I thought, I may have set the Sleep Duration sooner than what I wanted to BUT to my suprise I didn't. I set it to 5 hours unlike the Turn Off Display duration which I set to 10 minutes. So I played the music again to confirm my suspicion and after 10 minutes once the display turns off, then the music stops. So I guess, they're one and the same which is WEIRD.

    And another thing, I don't see any videos of yours that covered GROOVE MUSIC but can you confirm for me. If this app really doesn't play while the display is off. Wayback on Win8.1, while I'm playing music on the default "MUSIC APP" even though I turn off the screen by pressing the power button. The music continues to play. It only stops when the SLEEP duration is up. Thanks.

  3. There is a hibernate option that you can add to the power menu by going to "control panel" and make sure that it is in "small icon" view then go to "power options" then go to "Choose what the power button do" in the left section then click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" then scroll down until you find "shut down settings" then put check mark at "hibernate" then click "save changes" button
    you notice that the hibernate option added to the power menu which was containing shut down, restart and sleep.
    The hibernate allows you to store the data that are in the ram to hard drive and power off you computer with zero power. when the computer turns on it will reload the data back to ram and the windows resumes. of course this take much time than sleep but there no battery drain if you are using the laptop on the battery.

  4. I love the sleep ootion cause of it's speed and ability to leave a work there to go back to right away. worked awesomely in 8.1. I have my laptoo set to sleep when I close lid but when I open it back all work or ooened programs are gone. why is this?

  5. There is also Hibernate in the power options which is shutting down your computer but saves everything and it requires no power so it's something between shut down and sleep.

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