Windows 10 tips and tricks How to uninstall default apps using Ccleaner

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If you are searching for a way to remove the default Windows 10 apps like Film and TV Groove Music etc.. This tip is for you, install Ccleaner to uninstall all the apps you dont use


  1. WOW, thanks for the tip. I was never able to set my windows media player as my default video & music player. I never liked Grove music. So, I always wanted to uninstall Grove Music. But, was never able to. Ccleaner worked great. Now no more Grove music, and I have windows media player as my default player again. Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks! CCleaner is very cool. I especially like the Find Duplicate File tool. But WARNING the Duplicate File tool Permanently deletes the files! It DOES NOT put them in the Recycle Bin! You have been warned. Still it's a great tool for getting rid of dups that are just taking up space. PiriForm makes a few other cool programs that I've been using for many years like Defragler and Recuvra.

  3. ever programm that you install chance the regedit you can ccleaner regedit clean make one problem the pc ever time one sec slower you will not does ccleaner regedit clean startup problem maybe

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