Windows 10 tips and tricks Using High Contrast mode to change Windows and screen colors

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Using high contrast mode in Ease of Access you can tweak windows to add colors to the Windows experience


  1. ok so i have a diffrent problem my system changes to orange kinda like night mode on a iphone but it does this every time i play a game example gh3 every time i try to reset it it goes back to the same colour that was on screen and idk how to fix that

  2. THANKS A MILLION! I tried messing with the HIGH CONTRAST MODE – And by accident had white background and white letters so I couldn't know how to navigate – just guessing. This video got me back out of it with the "NONE" you showed near the end . Your a lifesaver- +++++ KARMA!

  3. Thanks for the video! I find it to be quite a pain that you need to use high contrast settings just to make the address bar a different color, but c'est la vie. I've accomplished this but it now offers a new issue. You can no longer use a slideshow on the lockscreen of Windows with high contrast settings enabled. Would love to hear any input on if anyone has ran into this and if there is a fix.

  4. any possible way to have a lock screen background image under high contrast mode? l used to be able to do so, but now it is forbidden after I update my windows 10…..:/

  5. If you want to turn off high contrast mode with your keyboard press left alt + left shift + print screen this saved my life because I had everything on white and I couldn’t see anything lol

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