Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

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Here’s a few tricks I learned playing around with Windows 10.
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  1. When you was reading Cortana's screen as she was reading it, it sounded like the terminator was coming to life and I was legit scared for a minute but somehow I was pulled to stare at my PC still, mesmorized listening to the cybernetic dissonance realizing wholey that I am a slave to this technology and one day we will all be ruled by our digital overlords, perched upon bays making us work for them! Work, flesh bag, work! Giving thanks to no man, who now resides at the foremost bottom of the food chain looking back to the good days when computers didn't talk to us with tears in our eyes, as the master is now the mastered.

    I don't know.

    Windows 10 is pretty cool.

  2. I'm on a celibacy, and I just got my new dual os tablet. So here I am just looking for tips and tricks. Then I click on this vid. The girl that pop out to me was too hot. I'm about to stop my celibacy streak because of this. All I'm saying is I get now why we can't have a hot girl reviewing tech.
    I still watch the vid though

  3. The best tip for W10 is delete it entirely and install Ubuntu. All of Microshit's products are garbage. W10 crashed my computer and that's why I switched and I am grateful because Ubuntu is so much better.

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