Windows 10 to cost $119 after July 29 (CNET Radar)

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Microsoft announced details on Windows 10. Meanwhile, Google is set to double its self-driving fleet of cars. Get all caught up in tech right here.

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  1. "Where'd you get your license? A digital download from a QR Code from a box of Cracker Jacks?" doesn't quite have the same ring as "Where'd you get your license? A box of Cracker Jacks?"

  2. please understand i don't care if you install linux or not its free its open take it or leave it to each his own..
    but a couple of things are not correct or outdated. as mentioned buy a user in the comments.

    – linux doesn't have any Gaming false . There is steamOS
    – Linux doesn't have any program you need and more. FALSE Linux has a lot of free software you can choose to support buy contribution if you like it thats a whole different way of working. For example you need office suite ? there is LibreOffice need you favourite media player
    that plays any format.? just go to the software center and install VLC.

    – Linux bash on windows. well that’s not the same and it’s nothing new the project Cygwin is ancient.
    You’l get to use a couple of linux commands what does that give you? changing a user password the way linux does it..
    you won’t get all the OpenSource software you won’t support free OpenSource community software build buy companies and people that think knowledge is free and should be shared among all not just the privileged.

    – if you need linux use hyper-V ; paying for virtualization is not necessary it completely free on linux and running on big multinational computer systems.. Centos clustering is fee and powerful.

  3. I would pay 120 dollars for windows 10 to run properly. Constant windows store and photo viewer and other stuff breaking once a week, cannot turn off login password, paired with nvidia cards some games don't work, xbox one controller drivers not installing properly, ect ect. Windows 10 is there worst system to date.

  4. guys i really need a good reasonable answer, which phone should i buy(i know itz doesnt have any realtion to the video) moto x play or z5 compact, plz i need to get answer asap

  5. Windows 10 is as fast, fluent and easy to use and great looking like Window XP was. I only use it for gaming though. I have a 27 inch iMac 5K resolution. Mac OS X El Capitan is the main OS of course and I got the iMac in February this year so it's the most brand new version that came from last years end. I have 250GB partition of Windows 10 on it and it works quite well. Although after about 20 minutes for some reason the keyboard and mouse automatically disconnect. The Mac keyboard and mouse now run wirelessly with bluetooth. I always make sure they are powered up enough with thunderbolt to USB to charge them up. So they are fully charged, but for some reason Windows just ignores them after the 20 minutes. I don't know why, it's odd as I have Windows with all of the Macbootcamp software in it so it's able to use all of iMac power and bluetooth as I installed a USB stick with the Mac compatibility software into Windows. It's odd.

  6. Say what you want about Mac OS, but no activation keys and the fact that it's always free (and only comes in one version) makes it a joy to work with from the IT perspective compared with Windows.

  7. Finally Microsoft is charging people for Windows 10! After July 29 I will be exempt from the free "upgrade". They finally know I don't want their sh!tty Windows 10.

  8. I use macs so I don't care but in honesty, Windows 10 should be like 50 dollars. It doesn't have to be free if Microsoft somehow needs the money… but 110? That's a little overboard imo

  9. Yea rather get it pirated than pay for Windows. Or could take it to my computer guy so he can do it got me. Never paying for Windows again ever. Ever since Windows 7 it's all been down hill and will never support them anymore.

  10. When you buy a new laptop that comes pre installed with win10 then it's as if it's free. I personally like win10 the most out of all the other versions. I also have Linux Mint running as a virtual machine within win10 so I have the best of both worlds.

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