WINDOWS 10 – TRAILER (Microsoft’s World)

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Windows 10.
This how is Microsoft thinking about the future of windows in everything.
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This Video shows How Windows 10 will look like.
WINDOWS 10 – TRAILER (Microsoft’s World)

This is a Windows 10 CONCEPT . This concept is NOT an Official Concept Made by Microsoft. This is what I want to see in Windows 10 or in any future window!

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  1. Windows 10 appears to be the convergence of several technologies:  Ubiquitous computing (ex. Sentient computing),  Surface computing and the Internet of Things.

  2. well no point of this video by the time this comes out it will be in like 3000 and i probs wont be alive then but still i have wat i want i dont need all that shit

  3. Fake do you even know how much code goes into computers over 3000 at least so many languages what you have done is stirred shoal disagreement and basically bullying the victim is you don't say it's a Microsoft thing say it's what you think as the title, and as a question how many green screens did you use?

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