Windows 10 Tutorial: A Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide of the New Windows 10 Features

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A comprehensive tutorial on Windows 10 designed for the absolute beginner whether home users or business professionals. Learn what the new features are and how to use them effectively. Sharpen your skills and advance in your career by understanding the various features of Windows 10. For more info. visit also:

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  1. the only thing I liked about ten was cortonana menu the second one and that I use classic shell to make look like 7 running strong good free anti virus software and spyware so yeah so I have all my drivers backed up so this be the last game console I buy for awhile I was ps fan boy for years intel the one caught my eye so im new to the xbox I like the back compat I had 360 for two and half years before it died and half of my old games are back compat so yeah so watch out on Netflix guys u can change your game picture unless u have ten witch I dident no about either so yeah. later Netflix only works threw ie and I hate using ie period.

  2. windows 10 sucks it crashed on me 3 times after downloading the free home preuim edition the flash drives from the oem company doesent work I have brand new hp I don't evan wanna talk about what I went threw to get windows 7 on my laptop had it on hear for a year and half flawless then locked up froze and everything else the creaditiors update was no help I had to download windows 7 drivers for my laptop from other same modles running 7 its been running fine for 7 months I will pass on 10 and any version of windows unless it look good I got my drive pARTED SO I CAN BACk up space intel I get usb external drive it came with 4 gigs of ram intel quad core series so plays some new games fine and a lot of my old ones I stream my laptop from my tv set so yeah and use usb keyboard and mouse I play pc games because the servers are free I have xbox one also so yeah Microsoft edge sucked firefox works better and chrome but Netflix doesent support it so yeah I hate tablets because the flash ayers are not compat do to em being new tec so yeah

  3. Excellent. I liked that you don't go too fast and you allow people to see where your cursor is. In some other tutorials from other people they just rush around and we learn nothing. Again congratulation for your teaching method.

  4. You've shown almost 1 hour that too long to learn. Simply no GOOD. I prefer Window 7 than Window 10. What is major improvement? Nothing! Government will know what you're up to.

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