Windows 10 Tweaks

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This is a collection of tweaks for Windows 10. Not a huge list, but enough to get you started on speeding up your PC.

Windows Tweaker Compact

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  1. Hi I'am new to this channel I just subscribed I love what I have seen so far in this video. I was wondering are your tweaks in here for Windows 10 1709 the Creators Update which is what I have? Also could you maybe do a video on what Windows services are safe to disable for 1709?

  2. good video i might subscribe if u can fix latest windows 10 feature.. about re-opening apps in shutdown & restart button.. can u fix it changing registry or something? currently using shutdown command

  3. Love the videos. Keep it up. I subscribed to your channel long time ago when you were doing some debugging of DJI flight software. Would like to see some more on windows 10 teaks. Thanks. Mike V.

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