Windows 10 Update Error – Solution!

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Windows 10 Update Error – Solution

With the upgrade to Windows 10 a lot of people seem to be having Windows update errors – it might be Windows Defender (the anti-virus software) or another update. This video shows how to resolve both Windows Defender update issues and also general Windows 10 update issues.

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  1. I did it 6 times. it goes all the way through like it is working and then gives an error that the install failed.

    I’m taking to a computer repair to have hard drive wiped and install newest windows 10. I went into dos and copied what I needed file wise and directories. I have a complete back up and an image of HD. neither would work. I has to be a driver.

    It did give one error UEFI something during one of the attempts.

    I thank you for all of your help!!

  2. I’ve done every option that appears. I’ve copied my files from command prompt. I tried to wipe and do a fresh install. it goes all the way then tells me it failed. I’ve been working on this for a week. I’m about to buy a macbook.

    Seriously, There are no other options. I have everything I need backed up or on my cloud account. What version of windows should I buy for a Dell Inspiron Quad core i7 with 8 Gb ram and a 1TB hD. It is an Inspiron 15R. Barely used except for sillouette software for vinyl cutting

  3. I have watched all your videos. nothing shows me how to make my computer boot to the USB recovery disk I created watching your other video. I don’t have a boot to USB option on F12

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