Windows 10 update on HP Envy X2

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Windows 10 update on HP Envy X2

So I received my update for windows 10… overall conclusions … looks different from the tiles, to the lock screen and icons…. I am not sure if is better or just different so I will put a review later, but for now is different and I need to get use to it…

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  1. hi your video is very nice… i come from GREECE i tried to upgrade my hp envy x2 to Windows 10 manually from a Windows tool but i had a problem about the screen and did not let me to go farward for the complete installation …and i thought that hp has not make the tablet compatible untill now ….when i saw your video… my installation guide no longer tell me about the screen issiue and tell me to wait untill the put the installation to my tablet …. sorry for my english 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this. I have upgraded my desktop to Windows 10, but have been reluctant to upgrade my HP Envy x2 for a number of reasons – the first being the graphics accelerator issue, which seems to have been resolved. It looks like all is working well.

    I have heard that some users have problems with table orientation – where the screen doesn't rotate correctly. Have you had this issue? if so, have you found a 'work around'?

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