Windows 10 Update Service Turns Itself on Automatically!

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I wasn’t quite sure what to call this video, so it has two titles. We’ll be talking about both topics, so join me!

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  1. Hi Bro! I'm so surprised how identical patterns of using PC/Mac (generally computers) I have to You!
    I do always disable WinUpdate and have found that it re-enables itself every day (I'm investigating it but it is caused by big cascade of connected actions in background like task scheduling and more).
    I definitely prefer Linux OSes – like you,
    I use windows because of work (don't like to play games on PC) – like you,
    I hate all off background processes hogging my precious resources – like you,
    I like KDE as default environment – as I see, like you…
    Yes, I need to move all my life to Lnx and use VM – like you! Thanks 🙂

  2. Windows 10 is a virus. That's the Malware part of Windows 10 which is Spyware/Malware. I use MX-17 Linux full time as it does everything I need it to do. I don't game and I don't need to use Windows compatible software because of the large MX Linux repositories has all the alternative software I need. I left using Windows back in Sept. 2015 after finding out that Windows 10 is Spyware/Malware and I have been using Linux ever since. I haven't missed using Windows.

  3. Mark, I've been experiencing similar behaviour on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Update service kept turning itself on automatically after rebooting (it doesn't matter how many times I disabled it from Services list or via Windows Update settings). My partial solution was to select the "find new updates but let me choose when install them" option and postpone as late as I could, or even ignore it.

  4. You have control, I use 1709
    I think its best to use "Advanced Options" in Settings > Windows Update Settings… you can delay updates that add new features and capabilities by up to 365 days & you can delay security updates by up to 30 days.
    You can also pause all updates for up to 35 days.
    Also, while under Advanced options > Delivery optimization > advanced options, you can limit the bandwidth for background updates to as low as 5% as well as other options that you may need.
    Also one of the big complaints I've heard about windows is wide spread malware, i will recommend leaving security updates in their default settings, they are not big and wont take a lot of bandwidth. If you don't want a reboot while at work, It provides an option to set active hours.

  5. I hate all three OS'es.. MacOS has ridiculous windowing system. If you switch one app window to another app window, another app's remaining windows are brought up as well blocking the window of other app.. The menus are kinda OK when you use a laptop but on a large screen? People like UI but I think it because UI is different, but not good.. The system eats enormous amount of memory and you cannot buy a 32GB laptop.. Funny..

    I have never seen a fully functional Linux for 7 years.. There is always a major bug here and there. After update screen tearing comes back, monitor placement is not saved, login screen becomes broken, even in fresh install there happens errors..

    Windows, it's a mixed bag as well. But it is much much more stable than linux, easier than MacOS.. Forcing update is well known burden. But why don't you schedule it? I set it to night, and never seen update screen again.. You should leave Windows open as well, at least at stand by.. If you switch to Linux at home, you will see Windows receives major updates during the day..

  6. The only way to disable Windows update reliably is to purchase the most expensive licence (enterprise) and disable it via domain policy. In all other versions you just can delay the automatic installation.

    Everything is a complete disaster. Updates over 1GB of size, patching duration of 45 min with HDDs, 100% HDD usage, 100% downstream and it even doesn't respect your do-not-reboot times. Had it at work rebooting while i had a 30 min break. It installed for one and an half hour. And our WSUS has problems with win10.

  7. What if you do this?

    Enable Administrator account from Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Users. Untick Account is disabled in Administrator.
    Logoff and Login to Administrator account and set password.
    Log back in to your usual FastGadgets account.
    Disable Windows Update service from services.msc.
    Then set your FastGadgets account type to Standard.

    With this i think MS can't enable Windows Update service again because they will need you enter Administrator password first as Standard account type don't have privileges to enable Windows Update service by itself.

  8. The trick I use to stop windows update is this: if you go into your Wifi settings, you can set all your networks to "metered networks" so then windows never downloads the updates in the first place and then never installs them. I've used it for about 2 years

  9. It was a delayed and a major update probably a driver update of some sort and what you did with the RAM is called "paging" where you allocate extra RAM from the hard-/-drive/-disk(HDD)/(SSD) and is only done if you don't have enough onboard RAM

  10. Maybe you should try Windows 10 LTSB(a variant of Enterprise). It has less updates, no telemetry and no UWP which is great for secondary OS or VM that doesn't have time to upgrade so oftenly

  11. I have purchased a used MacBook Pro (13 inch mid-2012) as a companion to my normal Windows laptop. I find macOS to be very intuitive and easy to learn. It is very similar to iOS and I really enjoy the experience. My Windows laptop runs Windows 7 but it no longer receives updates. I like the old fashioned Windows XP look and feel so I have been skinning Windows almost forever. Unfortunately, minor updates in both Windows 8.1 and 10 cause compatibility problems with my skinning and worse yet they are automatic in 10. In this way it just doesn't feel like "my" computer when I run Windows 10. It's absolutely fine to use on any other computer, but I prefer my computers to be "my computers" with the personal feel that I want. I am more knowledgable with Windows than any other OS, but after taking my Linux classes at school I will explore that area in more depth and possibly get rid of Windows entirely in my personal devices. I'm not a big gamer and many of my PC games are older so that isn't a big concern for me.

  12. Thanks for the video!
    +1 keeping win in a VM. Treat it like the mean, biting, and viscous little animal that it is. There are very few things I find that I need win for these days after using Linux as my 'every day driver'. Things I do need win for I am able to do in a VM. However, if I were a gamer my position would be a bit different. Considering the state of gaming and Linux, but that is slowly changing as well. We can hope that in the near future that developers will port more and more mainstream games over to Linux platforms.

  13. Mark, just like you I found myself disliking windows more and more since the release of windows 10, so I made the fulltime switch to linux in Dec 2016.
    Since I have switched I have been much happier and less stressed at least personally, professionally it's a different story.
    I'm employeed as a Sr. Sys Adm (have been for almost 20 years) and support just over 500 users, my recommendation would be to use a local GPO to disable the service or to use a login script to disable the service.

  14. And this is why I was so glad I finished all my Windows required programming classes. I got so tired of booting up my laptop and waiting for Windows Updates. Now that I'm done with Windows…I'm fully macOS on my iMac Late 2009. macOS doesn't do that hostage situation updating. So sick of Microsoft Windows.

    I feel your pain, Mark.

  15. Windows 10 is just like Linux

    As stable as Arch
    As secure as Mint
    As bloated as Android
    As private as RedStar OS
    Each update takes as long as a whole Ubuntu installation
    and it removes stuf like GNOME

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