Windows 10 Upgrade Big Problems And Issues

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Let’s just say Windows 10 hasn’t been the easy upgrade to accomplish…

I tried to not go too much on a rant here but we need to talk about the issues that have been going on with Windows 10 and

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So I really ran into some big problems and issues trying to upgrade my desktop PC to Windows 10. For some reason no matter what method I took by either creating a Windows 10 USB Drive or…


  1. Thanks for your video. Again Microsoft lets its customers down bug time. Nevertheless, I am reasonably contacnt with my upgrade in t hat I mainly use it for Google, emails and Word. However, one thing you might be able to help me on – since 'upgrading' to Windows 10 I have been unable to adjust the brightness of my computer screen. I did enquire of Microsoft and after talkng me through oen or two processes I was glibly told that the adjuster had just not downloaded. As this was already past the deadline for free updates I had to accept the situation so far as they were concerned. Have you a solution???

  2. I successfully upgraded my windows 7-32bit to windows 10-32bit version, but I wanted 64-bit. I have an active product key for windows 10 now. But I cant get any further upgrade to work. For clean install I need to change boot-up to boot from a thumb drive and I cannot get BIOS to open. Is this a problem that you have ran across?

  3. Im going to use back my windows 7. Windows 10 having a lots of problems. I already reinstalled windows 10 more than 100 i guess due to unstable os. Always give me a headeach. Where

  4. If you built your own system WIN 10 is trying to take control of your BIOS. You just can not control it as well as WIN 7 Ultimate. AND, they discriminate against persons who are unemployed unemployable or do not have employees of their own.

  5. I am stuck at installation after windows loads file ! w10 logo gets stuck without doted loading plz help me ? currently running w7u 64bits on my Samsung Rv509 core i3 laptop

  6. I recently updated my Laptop into Windows 10? Smooth performance; yes it is!! I just want to ask why in every time I open a game Nba2k08 & NBA2K14, GTA san Andreas, Spec Ops, Dota 1, Command & Conquer Zero Hours? Why do my screen are doing auto-minimize back to my main windows screen? it's quietly frustrating especially when t you are playing Online games, your main hero are being killed because you can't enter the game as soon as possible!

  7. justabrummie, I have also got Linux Mint 18 on my Dell Vostro 400 on one hard drive and on the other I have Windows Vista Business,

    But, all I can tell you is that Linux is a fantastic operating system, it mount's absolutely every thing from Fat32 format hard drives to my USB SONY dictaphone witch would require the SONY dictaphone driver to be installed on Windows.

  8. my HDMI out worked FINE on Windows 10 for longer time BBUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT,after update it DOOOOOOOOSNTTTTTTTT AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGRRRRRR,…………………WTFFFFFFFFFACK,i reed its a update issue and you have to fix it by taking a IT/Nerd school PC lesson and go to change things in the setting etc RIGHT……………….JUST MAKE ANOTHER UPDATE THAT WILL FIX THE PROBLEM….idiots

  9. freind i have windows 10 i thought it was a blesing ,now my old workstation keeps shutting off even after installing a new hdd of 2 tb and running 32gb of ram ..
    I tried using reason 5.0 earlier today but last night it was working and now it doesnt allow me inside the sequencer .

  10. Tried MULTIPLE 'recoveries' with the Win10 stick/discs we got from Dell. Now the Anniversary update won't install on the Alienware system. All we did was upgrade the RAM to the max. Seriously, Upgrading RAM shouldn't cause THIS much grief!

  11. hi i have a pc and it run in windows 10…the problem is when i start my pc there is no windows logo or loading screen it is only black screen,,,and after a moment it will just jump in to a password screen,,,,i connect this in my motherboard,,,plz help me to fix this…..thank you

  12. i did a free " upgrade" from windows 8 to windows 10 now my laptop wont boot up i tried to system restore it without losing my files but it gives me an error !😠 how to i go back to windows 8 or keep restore from lossing my files or any of my pictures is my main concern ? in suggestions let me know thanks

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