Windows 10 v/s Windows 8.1 (Newest Build) (Gaming and Performance)

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Hey guys! In this video, we will be comparing Windows 10 and Windows 8. We will be using the newest version of windows 10 this time.

Here you can see The comparison between The older version of windows 10. –

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  1. TBH, that was the worst benchmark I have ever seen! Intel HD Graphics 3000? And you have a sandy bridge cpu? How come that when I play mc on an i5 haswell and intel hd 4400, I get 60+ fps at max on windows 8.1 and only 1 fps on windows 10? Or is it just the preview? IDK but I have a surface pro 3 that has a 128gb ssd. My boot time is around less than 5 seconds on both 8 and 10

  2. Windows 8.1 the best Windows version in 2015. Stable, smooth, fast respon, always low CPU usage, even too much windows opened. Love it. Before this i have try Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux.. Windows 8.1 FTW!

  3. A boot time of 89 seconds. My PC boots in 6 seconds. I could understand that maybe you don't have decent specs or maybe have a lot of assets, but you shouldn't provide public benchmarks on a machine that you know isn't capable of doing so. This also brings up the possibility that perhaps Windows 10 was not compatible with some of your hardware.

  4. does anyone know if i can reserve windows 10 if i install windows 8.1?
    me and my friend both have pirated version of windows. but my friend didn't even had it activated using the windows loader. i activated it and he got windows 10 reserve thing.
    but i didn't get even though mine is activated for a year.
    so if i install windows 8.1 will i be able to reserve windows 10 or is it already over?
    I know coz pirated windwoses can be reserved too.
    and i also wonder what happens after 1 year of free usage. probably i need to go back to pirated windows 10 if i won't be able to afford buying windows 10 after using windwpos for 10 years pirated xd

  5. OMG. Buy a better PC if you want to do benchmakrs. 1 FPS vs 2 FPS in a super high end benchmark doesn't say much. And please don't use furmark because it's only useful for stress tests.

    EDIT: Seriously? You are comparing a clean Windows 10 install against an old Windows 8.1 install in CPU usage? YOU HAVE TO USE TWO CLEAN WINDOWS VERSIONS!

  6. I want to reserve Windows 10, but i am afraid about the program compatibility. But just a question: Will i be able to use windows 8.1 programs on Windows 10 or will i have to wait for the programs to be updated?

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