WINDOWS 10 versus LINUX MINT 17 3

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  1. Microsoft pushing Windows 10 scared me into Linux Mint 17.3. I still keep Windows 7 to play 1 game I really like that I haven't got to work with Wine. After using Windows since 98SE, it's hard for me to let go 100%. I glad I never got to do the free upgrade. I think it was my M-Audio 2496 sound card driver that block it. The card works well with linux and Win 7.

  2. There's no such thing as a 'perfect' OS but Linux is my Dads daily 100% and likely will be mine soon.
    One important point to make though, if your going in the Linux direction, be prepared to learn and also contribute (lots of ways to do this). It's a community not a product your getting into 😉

  3. Linux Mint is indeed a rock solid OS that can go head to head with any of the big guys in terms of stability and ease of use. Tested and proven to be nearly perfect on all my machines. Works out of the box unlike Ubuntu which struggles with minor stuff like hibernate.

  4. It's odd. I am using Debian 9 code name Stretch(SID) for almost 1 year. The problem I had was like Mozilla-esr was causing flash plugin problem. That was my first and last problem which is not os problem. In spyware 10 ……. man lists of problems, usb headphone not working, mozilla and chrom crash pycharm is not installing etc. Debian is free and open source.

  5. Allright im sold on linux mint, but does it support sony vegas? I really hope so, anyways if i were to revert to win 7 and these scumbag company forcefully update it to 10 , then im screwed both ways, might as well get a new os without the retarded update

  6. Always will trust my instincts and my gut feeling I gave Windows 10 7 months was the worst 7 months I have ever dealt with in a single operating system and my whole life of running an operating system that's why I'm choosing Linux over Windows 10 simple easy and reliable and it does what I need it

  7. Agree man I like Linux Mint 17.2 xfce myself and Zorin os 11, use linux daily without the issues ive encountered with win10, I refuse to run win10, I wiped it from my unit and just use win 7 if I need to only until I master linux. I becoming quite Fond and relaxed using linux atm, will continue to do so until further notice. WINDOWS 10 really really did it for me created a burning hatred twards the os myself. Good luck.

  8. Things, are exactly the way you present them. You, are absolutely right!. This is a part of a huge Microsoft's stupid, annoying and awful bug collection. The main thing here, is that not even you Pay Microsoft to get a (supposed to be) reliable os, but it is D*MN AWFUL!!.
    I believe, Linux is far far better than windows. esspesialy windows 10!.
    By the way!, I am a lot intrested in this wallpaper gallery you showed at the end of the video! I would be very happy, if you could send them to my youtube account!

    Thanks in Advance!

  9. I use both Windows 10 and Linux Mint 17.3. I am wanting one to be my primary operating system. I have had no problems with Mint, it is surprisingly better than it used to be. At the same time, I need compatibility. I used One Note for personal and work. I also like to play games, Linux is slightly slower due to the AMD drivers I need for my laptop/desktop. I don't like the spyware, but I have a smartphone and we are stuck with that so what is an OS that does the same thing? For me, it used to be only windows, now it is both. I keep looking for ways to leave Windows behind, someday I will find it.

  10. I'm pretty disappointed by your video. Sure, the reaction of Microsoft was stupid. But when you installed Mint, the video digresse about a set of background images or a drag'n drop features. This is comparing apples and oranges. I expected you would explain how you found out that connecting all your different PCs and sharing files and directories was better than with Windows.

  11. Hi, I am a different kind of user, I love to tinker, that's why I love Linux. I've tried to get "normal users" to play with Linux, but it was quite frustrating, and not through any fault of the user. For example Suse had a start button, that the user could tear off the task bar by accident and then it was gone and I had to come and fix it. That's just unnecessary. Have you seen problems like those in mint? I'd love to give them an alternative that's a bit more user friendly.

  12. I enjoyed your interesting video on Windows 10.. 
    However I have gone to great lengths to resist WindowsX.  I do not want all my devices coordinated. I do not want my desktop to turn on all by itself in the middle of the night.  I do not want my personal files and musings to be  mirrored up on the Microsoft cloud where I may be judged at some later date.

    Once you agree to the terms of service it voids any effort on your part to maintaining privacy regardless of your individual settings.  These settings are an illusion.

    During the course of you excellent video, you referred to us
    as users.  We are not users, we are subjects to an emerging, authoritarian regime composed of corporations, government and police.

    Americans think that history is something you see in the
    I have a duel boot on one machine with Ubuntu but it is not my primary.  Mint looks very good, thank you.

    Every day I am on Microsoft,..My apprehension grows.

  13. When my desktop started getting Windows 10 ads I knew it'd only get worse because I knew I wasn't going to switch to Windows 10. So I ditched half my game library (worth it) and have stuck with Linux this whole time. Been using it for 3 years now but did dual boot up until April last year. My laptop runs Fedora 23 and my desktop is running Debian with the MATE desktop, however I've come to like KDE so I may switch to Kubuntu when 16.04 is released or they hit a beta, because I have found that a lot of the times beta releases of various distros can be more stable than Windows

  14. First of all, I want to thank everyone who came with an “acceptable” reaction, for their input. I’m sorry that I had to delete
    “unacceptable” reactions because they begun with “unacceptable words”, if you know what I mean. After all, it’s when people exchange opinions that things will grow. But we have to respect a different opinion and be civilized in the way we express ourselves.

    Maybe one day Microsoft and Linux will work hand in hand: they just started doing it. It’s a begin.

    I would like to confirm that in this video, it never was my intention to give a complete synoptic of the differences between
    Linux Mint 17.3 and Windows 10, even if the title is “Windows 10 vs. Linux Mint 17.3”. Like someone said, it was informative, and I agree with that.

    Now I read a lot of very interesting things and I’d like to react too.

    I agree with many things.

    I disagree with other ones.

    For instance I heard so many times that argument: Linux means using a terminal. That’s not true!. And I totally disagree with the fact that solving errors on Windows takes a fraction of time. I can serve a lot of examples of simple issues you have with Windows that take a very long time for the average user to solve!
    Besides, how many Windows users can use the CMD terminal? Most of them ignore his existence!
    Take a look for instance at the two video’s of Matthew More about how to fix USB drives with Windows and with Linux and tell me what’s the most user-friendly of both for that issue. Besides, to fix a USB drive with Linux, you do not need the terminal. There’s a tool to do so. That’s not the case with Windows.
    I use both Linux and Windows intensively and I know the differences: by the time I performed an upgrade (included a new kernel) of my Arch Linux + VM Virtualbox, Windows 10 did not even complete a 4-5 updates, and this before restarting the system…what again is a waste of time when it’s only about updating software!
    So, yes, there is still a lot of improvements Windows can make!.

    The big issue is that if it’s true that millions of people use Windows, it is also true that most of them do not use 10% of the capabilities of their system. Do not forget that the average user surfs on internet, downloads images and music (sometimes video’s), sends mails, plays games and tells the story of his life on social media.
    Do you really think that he needs a powerful system for that?
    Do you really think that he cares about all the things we are talking about?
    Actually, what he expects is an easy to use, reliable system for his needs and expectations! Period!
    But with Windows he has no choice: it’s Windows 10 or nothing.

    A friend of mine, who’s not a computer freak, was sick and tired of all the trouble he had with Windows, including the incredible painful night he went trough in order to upgrade to Windows 10. But like many people, he wants to go on with Windows. So, knowing what he’s doing with his computer, I offered him to try out Chromixium, while I would repair his computer. Since then, he refused to give me my DELL E4200 with Chromixium back, because he never had such a fast and easy thing! Normal! Everything he needs is on it! And it’s free!

    Do not forget that a lot of people cannot afford a new computer tor run Windows 10 simply because their actual computer cannot be upgraded to Windows 10. And I guarantee that they will be happy to hear that their old computer will run faster with Linux than with Windows, even without using a terminal!

    Finally, never forget that Linus Torwald his statement was: "freedom to use the software for any purpose, freedom to change the software to suit your needs and freedom to share the software with your friends and neighbours". If someone notices socialism or communism in this statement, he certainly will be honest enough to admit abuse in the Windows policy.

  15. I moved to Kubuntu in 2013 instead of Vista (which I tried & rejected) and W7, which was better than Vista, but odd networking setup, (tried my wife's version on her computer) and that's gotten worse in each new windows version, where it's divided into two separate areas it seems. For my wife's W7 I had to set up like a business network and then convert to a Home Group, was the ONLY way to get it to work with my home LAN, just because it had a different Group name. Eventually moved over to Mint and have stayed with it.

  16. I think Mint is a marvellous OS but I am not using on my fleet of Linux Boxes because when EOL (End of Life) is reached( and this information may be dated and no longer true )is reached it becomes necessary to do a Clean Install instead of rolling up the existing OS to the newer version. Many people don't mind and like having a Brand New Operating System/Upgrade but personally I don't care for that route. Still, Linux Mint is a great OS. Just be aware of potential upgrade issues.

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