Windows 10 VS 8.1 GTA 5 benchmark

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Windows 10 FULL Release VS Windows 8.1 on Grand Theft Auto V for a frame rate performance benchmark!

Please watch on a Computer or tablet as the frame rate isn’t as visible as it should be on a smaller device! (Frame rate is in top left coloured yellow)

I tried to make the comparisons as similar as possible however in some cases this is rather difficult.

In no way am I favouring one OS over the other, I simply wanted to see if there was any performance differences between the two.



  1. Hello, i want to buy this game, and this is my laptop:
    -Intel Core i5 3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz
    -RAM 4 GB DDR3
    -Intel hd graphics 4000 and radeon hd 8670M
    Do you think that this game works well in my pc?

  2. When i upgrade to windows 10 , the game said : "Veryfying game is taking longer than usual please wait … " and i am stuck at screen loading story mode i cant play Gta V in windows 10 , when i back to win 8.1 pro gta v run fine i dont know what problem is in windows 10 , can u tell what the problem is ??? i think the crack 3DM or Reloaded not compatible for windows 10 or something like that ???

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