Windows 10 VS Kubuntu KDE Plasma 5

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  1. I like your video , great style , nice detailed overview. I am a Mac and Linux user for a very long time. my last real windows machine was with windows xp. Even then i had a second pc with mac ppc and a laptop running linux. The virus thing on windows is a great problem and will always be so. For me the mac sinds introducing intel systems is no more then an overpriced pc with a nice bit of eye catching design crap. I am not even going to bother buying a new imac anymore , my opinion is that they are overprices now days (been a long time mac fanatic but cant bring myself to see the pro's anymore).

    My next step is to be switching to linux. My servers are all linux , even so my laptops run ubuntu gnome. My next step is switching them to KDE Plasma 5.5. They both are core i3 (not the newest) with 4 gb of memory and a nice 500 gb sata drive. (nothing fancy but running great). My imac is on sale on our local advertising site and as soon as sold , ill get myself a nice All in one pc. Windows (sorry Bill) that preships with these machines is going to be removed the same day and i will install kubuntu 16 lts on it. People , if you did not try linux , and you are thinking about it , Please do it today. I love it.

  2. Man the times have changed. I remember when I had dilemmas switching to Ubuntu 7.04 from Windows XP when Vista was released. The problem was flash never worked properly, I wasn't aware of software alternatives and gnome 2 just looked horrible (before Ubuntu made it black in 9.04). Now watching this video, KDE outclasses Windows 10. And just thinking about it, I never have problems with flash and thanks to HTML5 I don't use flash often. It's amazing how far Linux and the projects around it has come.

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