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==What’s your choice of apps on a new OS?==
Today, I’m taking a look at the new first party apps that come preinstalled on Windows 10 while mentioning some of differences between them and first party apps available on popular Linux distributions. Yes, I left the Xbox app out on purpose. Let me know if you guys want to see that.

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  1. AFAIK no linux can beat windows control panel and many administrative tools windows, and dependency for windows apps is just a few, most app can be installed without doing many steps, i know it takes HDD space but it is right there out of the box. btw im beginner in linux and really hard to learn command line, is there any linux distro that capable doing many setting in GUI mode like windows does out of the box? in my experience many distro just capable of doing casual computing like office, media player, and browsing out of the box unlike windows

  2. I've used to be on Windows, but after trying and learning Linux, I can't stand using Windows any more. I'm waiting to get some free time in a few weeks so I can install Arch and build my own OS.

  3. I was surprised how well the Windows 10 apps trio of Mail, Calendar, and People worked with a gmail account. Especially the calendar app. It's great if you manage more that one Google calendar.

    I like their integration better than Kmail and Kontact, and just a little better than Geary and Calendar in ElementaryOS. The guys doing Elementary really should come up with a contact app, even if it is a super simple one like People.

    Microsoft still deploying Paint, Notepad, and Wordpad deep into the 21st Century is just too much of a disgrace to describe.

    On the other hand, the phone and tablet versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are nice. They should have just packaged those with Windows 10 instead of making Windows users suffer the dreadful experience of the Windows Store.

  4. +InfinitelyGalactic 

    “We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders)"

    "Cortana also learns about you by collecting data about how you use your device and other Microsoft services, such as your music, alarm settings, whether the lockscreen is on, what you view and purchase, your browse and Bing search history, and more.”

  5. Windows 10 reminds of Deepin linux in a very good way. I like the ideas but seems like the released a bit too early. That laptop seems way more sluggish. Think it will be really good in a year.

  6. Hi. I'm leaning more towards a Linux Distro with running the occasional game being the hanging question. I think running something like Proxmox? or something similar to run both or several OS's seamlessly in a desktop, either Windows or Linux based seems to work either way. Apparently there is a VM within Ubuntu, not sure about Mint. Have you covered a subject like this? What do you think? Thanks. (Good Videos)

  7. Wow! I opened them all, thought they all looked ugly as hell and I didn't want any part of them, so I uninstalled what I could, replaced them all with something better. I am now looking for ways to get rid of the ones that don't have an "uninstall" option.

    There are also other options for cross-platform, infinitely scalable apps on Windows, including Windows 10, with the Chrome App store being cross-platform on anything that can run the Chrome browser. Just set it in app mode and run anywhere from theatre mode full-screen to a window with minimal chrome (not Chrome, but chrome) and no browsing gadgets at any size. Google also have beta versions of hosted Android to run "anything" (probably anything with the current API, but not legacy APIs) on any OS in a "hosted mode".

    Incidentally, IG, you seem to be blind to some serious flaws in Firefox as a main-stream browser. Now, to be fair, it is still my favourite on Android and Windows, and I browse 50/50 FF / Chrome on Linux. Let me list some:-
    1) There is no "Enterprise Firefox" with easily distributable administrative policies which end users cannot overwrite in their profile for any session. This is IEs traditional "the most secure browser in the world" claim, and has fallen flat on it's arse as Enterprise Chrome hit the market and gave us AD Group Policy Administrative Templates. (ADMX files to import into your DC[s])
    2) They are still trying to fight (or, I suspect, have just allowed themselves to fall far behind in implementing) Mpeg4 in HTML 5, even though the standard is set. I take their argument that vorbis has no patents and software patents are Eevule!, but a standard is a standard, and failing to meet them was one of Microsofts major downfalls. Flash, for example, isn't a web standard, it's just a "norm". No officially recognised body (like W3C) ever defined it "standard". Mpeg4 is defined as a major part of the W3C HTML 5, and Firefox is lagging behind Microsoft, Apple and Google in meeting HTML 5 compliance. (even if they hit the embedded SVG which should already have replaced Flash, better than IE or Chrome)
    3) They are still talking about plans to become, essentially, AdWare. To track your web activity and provide in-browser ads based on your profile… Which is also spyware, to the same extent as Cortana.
    4) There is no "App Mode". No way to open a web app in a Firefox window with no, or minimal chrome around the app. This can be done in IE, and Chrome, and many other smaller players in the field. Yes, having pages be able to open these windows in redirects was annoying as all hell, but being able to create desktop icons for web apps from Chrome, which will then open like a regular, locally installed app is awesome, and Microsoft html apps (htx files) are also massively powerful, not to mention that you can make and distribute .lnk files for IE similar to the Chrome App icons.

    Okay, granted, taken alone, there isn't any one of these things that isn't done by one or the other major browser. Even the last option is how Opera survived as a free, but commercial browser for so long. However, when combined, this kinda makes Firefox the worst choice of all browsers. It's not very fast, it's not very standard, it's not very secure, it's not corporation friendly. Why do we, and even I love it? So far, it is very configurable, and almost everything can be patched with extensions. XD But I'm wary of the future for Firefox. Things don't look sunny on the horizon. :'(

    If 3rd party extensions open up for Midori, I can see that becoming a major player in the soon-time. Maybe? Web standards are above average, and way better than FF or IE11. Speed exceeds the big boys, so far… Stability is a little lacking, but it's young, and doesn't claim to be complete.

  8. Jury's still out for me, my experience with Windows 10 has been okay so far. I found one big problem for me with the Edge browser is that it doesn't give me the option to specify where I want to download a file. I created a sub-folder in the Download folder to download drivers and so far I've been unable to get Edge to download files to that specific folder.

  9. Ubuntu does not make first party apps, first party app means app that is maintained by your distribution, only first party app I have seen in Ubuntu is crappy app-store, everything else comes from third party.

  10. and about first party apps, it's very subjective, for instance if banchee is installed, for you, perhaps you'd say a great music player, i remove it and install clementine, if a mail client is installed or calendar, i remove them coz i don't need them, don't need shotwell, for you, you might say great first party apps, me I'd say they're wasting my time in order to remove them, in my opinion the best linux distros are the ones who provide the least amount of first party apps or no apps and let you choose what you want to install. For instance, opensuse is huge and it provides many apps, it confuses me and i don't use them all, so it's just a waste of bandwidth, even though i think it's the best linux distro out there, can't use it

  11. why even bother comparing the two OS, Linux is clearly so much superior, besides the fact that windows has more viruses than street hookers and the fact that it gets slower every time you install something and the fact that it doesn't respect your privacy and that they made a deal with NSA and beside the fact it's not customizable, beside all that they don't do beta testing

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