Windows 10 vs Linux | Linux Mint 17.2 Impressions

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==Stay tuned for more detailed videos in the near future! Windows 10 coverage is just getting started!==
Here’s my impressions for the latest Linux Mint 17.2 releases. If you’re thinking about trying out a different sort of operating system for you computer as Windows 10 approaches, this is the one to check out.

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  1. No normal person would even consider a half baked Linux os over a fully functional Windows. Linux has been a work in progress since its concetion, Linux ie Mint is more geared for the above average user, not your grandma or mom lol.

  2. each os require to be used way differently …. instead getting winows like features in linux n making to look like windows ..just use windows..ReactOS is for windows as linux is to unix

  3. -"UEFI more restrictive…"
    aw c'mon… It's the polar opposite!
    UEFI makes everything easier when it comes to load operating systems. Specially Linux. Good riddance of that old legacy, and for real: restrictive, BIOS/MBR setup.

    If a Linux distribution have any problems with the boot mode set to UEFI, it's a crappy distribution. (And those shouldn't be around / alive anymore anyway.)

  4. answer is None. if not allready linux user none of choose it first operation system. linux is nice but also sucks. 1 million developers try make own background and too many to choose, should they allreaydy group up and do linux OS? that would be awesome. after installing some program and or removing something that not any related to Graphics will stop linux BOOT thats my every try of linux endedup. and result is same cant get it work anymore. linux is so unrelible after every update 99& you never see desktop again

  5. i love ubuntu, linux Mint and other distro.. but i can't make music on it. i can't install kontakt or so many vst . some work with Wine . but i get a lot of type of errors for vst plugin . when Linux will work better with Kontakt and vst i will change the f*cking Windows couse i have so many error on it.
    i' ve trying a few methods but didn't work .
    If you know exactly how to install kontakt i will give it a try.
    Please help me !

  6. Stability is not what concerns more and more of us…its the built in spyware that
    now comes with Windows10. I expect hackers and/or NSA to put keyloggers
    and data mining spyware on my system. I DO NOT expect that it comes pre
    installed on my new OS. Keep in mind Micro$oft in it documentation makes
    clear it will copy you personal files, alert police to harass it when THEY
    think you are doing something THEY don't like and they reserve the right
    to un-install other software from YOUR system. This is not fud,,,,its all
    in your license agreement….go read it sometime yourself….. Still want
    Windows 10…?

  7. Adding new features to the "Explorer" via a plugin system – this sound like something that my grandma would be interested in doing. LOL Seriously the "Good for your grandmother" advertising of Mint makes it look like an OS for old people only. XD Also there is a great lack in actually doing what the video states – decent comparison to Windows 10.

  8. I've been using Windows all my life and have recently got into Java programming. I'm planning to do some Android development on the side.

    1. Is Windows or Linux better for Android development?

    2. If Linux, which version of Linux would be best for a former Windows user and upcoming Android developer?


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