Windows 10 vs Linux | UI Comparison

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==What is your favourite UI element of Windows 10?==
It’s time to review some of the UI elements of Windows 10 and compare them to some of the UI elements that we’ve seen over the years from our open-source counterparts.

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  1. MOST Windows 10 Features Where Stolen From Linux. Microsoft Shouldn't Be Allowed To Use Any Linux Features Until Linux Users Are Allowed To Install ANY PC Game, Or Windows Application On Their Linux Distro Without Any Extra Software.

  2. I don't like either one… OS design hasn't improved. We've been using brain dead operating systems forever. The Operating System still gets in the way of what you want to do, all the fucking time. The original MacOS did a pretty good job pioneering getting the OS out of the way, but they abandoned their philosophical way when they replaced their kernel with unix like garbage. Every copycat that has followed is just copying the bling, but doesn't grasp the philosophy… that was behind it all. To make a computer so easy your grandmother could use it. What you'll find, is that following such a strategy, makes a computer even more attractive to power users, because one thing power users are aggravated by most of all is by garbage that just don't work, and they have to fix it, all the fucking time. A thing that just works, is intuitive, and simple, and is uncluttered, and gets out of your way, is a beautiful thing.

    Windows don't get it, and Linux sure as hell don't get it. I'm no fan of Macs anymore, but I miss the days of Multifinder through System 7….

  3. I'm thinking of switching from Windows 10 to Linux, maybe Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 when it comes out so I've been watching these kinds of videos… and looking at the comments section for some useful tips and tricks… and all I see are terrible Linux fanboys. It's like console wars but for OS.

    I know Windows is far from perfect. For instance, I hate that they're trying to integrate tablet UI for desktop experience.. other than that, the experience isn't that bad. I like how they made the UI flatter as opposed to Windows 7. (I skipped windows 8). The flatter design blends nicely with the experience in most websites and apps on Android.

  4. As much as I hate Windows 10, I can surely tell you that MS never copied Linux. You could drag the taskbar since 1995, the Metro UI actually came from Windows Phone 7, which predates KDE Plasma 5! Next time, use actual sources instead of preaching bullshit.

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