Windows 10 vs Ubuntu: Better Desktop Experience?

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A video comparing the desktop interface of two operating system , Ubuntu And Windows 10 . It shows how the features like Virtual desktops , Alt+Tab etc are implemented in each of the OS.
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  1. Of course ubuntu is better and ı use it right now, ı have 30mbps of connection without limit but ı only take 200-800kbs when ı use windows, Windows 10 exploits all the resources of your computer and your internet connection like a hell.

  2. I just got done finishing my installation of Ubuntu on my windows 10 Dell laptop due to a hardware malfunction. Hard drive broke. Got a new hard drive and I was thinking to myself, hmmm, i’m getting pretty sick and tired of windows 10 eating up my ram, why won’t I try Linux? That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Much faster, more efficient, less time to fiddle and dittle.

  3. I honestly think Linux is a good secondary-os for like my laptop. I would not, however, use it as my main OS because it's much more difficult and time consuming.. plus I can't guarantee that any software I'd like to get is also compatible for Linux.

  4. Call me childish for playing a block game, I couldn't care less. Ubuntu fits my needs, it runs MC as good as windows, I can run Eclipse on it, it has a browser, it has good support for my current hardware, way more flexible, personalizable and stable compared to Win10.

  5. I have used both Win10 and Ubuntu and both are equally good. But keep in mind Ubuntu is free of cost, no antivirus required and blazing fast. it just needs support. I am currently using ubuntu and it's the best os till now.

  6. It really depends if the PC is certified by Ubuntu (see list). If not, the chance is high that Wifi don't work but LAN does. I recommend to make back-ups with Ubuntu on an external drive if you are using both OS. I lost everything on Ubuntu xenial xerus on my HP Pavilion 17 Notebook during an automatic unsuspected HP BIOS UPDATE. Ubuntu works way faster because there are not that much updates and sticky pop-ups about security scan and other commercial stuff. It's open source so you can customize the software. Just another disadvantage the default US keyboard layout in Grub2 so that if you have selected e.a. the Dutch keyboard layout the GRUB passwords don't work anymore and then you have to reinstall it again.

  7. I switched to Ubuntu 5 years ago, after XP was murdered and when they started talking about yearly subscription instead of selling. No stress any more, no more un-readable word files coming from some more up-to-date msoffice, no more virus, … Some applications lack, as photoshop, but photoshop is better on Mac anyway. So … no regrets.

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