Windows 10 vs Windows 7 Benchmark(Performance and Game)

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We will be comparing Windows 10(demo preview) and Windows 7 using an old rig. In our comparison, we will be using 1 computer only with same components and basic drivers with the following specs:

Windows 10 Build()/ Windows 7 Ultimate(Both 32-bit)
Pentium Dual-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz(2 CPUs)
9800GT 512 ddr3/256 bit with DirectX support: 10.0/SM4.0


  1. all i can say windows 10 is a pure cancer.. my game always crashes while i play for about 10minutes and the message says is that my physical memory was exceed the limit so my ram btw is only 4(3.83) GB usable.. so i started to downgrade my os to windows 7 so it runs perfectly also windows 7 64bit can allow to install 32bit op system so my pc now is 64 bit.. also my ram is 4gb no usable has written..

  2. I find Windows 7 is more efficient though… and with my favorite FolderChanger app, I find I can be productive when using my computer. Just google for "folderchanger" and you'll find it.

  3. Sadly the Version 1709 of Win 10 performance very crappy for me 🙁 freezes, crashes and so on…

    Win 7 runs just like an angel 🙂
    i wont say win 10 is crap but for me it sadly performes like crap : /

    very nice bench video 😉

  4. When Microsoft offered windows 10 to the world, no one wanted it. They then offered it for free, No one wanted it. They got desperate and threatened us with no future directX support for 7, Many caved in but many did not want it. Growing more desperate they announced no more support for windows 7 after a certain date and final end day for windows 7. Then people were forced to get the free windows 10. Microsoft knew they had a near perfect stable OS and why would people want a baby OS that is filled with crap bloatware, buggy cortana, crashing menus, forced damaging updates and poorer performance. I work with windows 10 each day and am still shocked at all the bugs, blue screens, poor performance, forced lengthy updates and annoying search box. I do get to go home to windows 7, which makes me smile. Windows 10 users I ask you all to learn why Microsoft has gone through all this trouble, once you discover the real reason Microsoft went through all this trouble you wouldn't want to use it again.

  5. Haha, in windows 10 a lot of service was put to "delayed start", so however it start a little faster, but when desktop appears, after it starts to load a lot of background process and shit…Windows 7 may boot up slower (with 3 second uhh :D) but after you see the desktop it's ready to use!

  6. windows 7 (x86) is Faster than Windows 7 (x64)
    ull tell me now that it depends on the hardware that you have and ill agree look
    my laptop is Acer 5735Z (not a WOW laptop) But wth Intel core 2 duo T8100 instead of intel Pentium T3400, 4GB of ram and 64mb vram and i installed windows 7 Ultimate 32 and 64 bit (not dual boot just after in installed windows x86 i after installed X64 and i resulted with windows x64 was more laggy not on games in desktop it self and windows X86 was smooth like butter

  7. i thought when im upgrading my windows 7 to windows 10 it will be more faster and more reliable with its optimization and customization but what hapenned is the opposite. it runs insanely slow like dude my pc is powered with amd a4 6300 with 4gb of ram and it runs like im using intel celeron with 1gb of ram. it really pisses me off you can't even do a normal things such as click start button or open calculator it took a second or two and plus, it took a fucking solid 10 minutes to boot up and laggy as fuck like i dont give a shit mate im downgrading to windows 7. but as soon as i figure out what the problem is or just get a new pc i will be using windows 10, hopefully
    i mean come on Microsoft it's been 2 years since windows 10 came out. cut all the bullshit and gave us the real thing

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