Windows 10 VS Windows 7 Gaming performance | GTX 980 Ti | i7 4790K

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Does Windows 10 give an improvement in performance over windows 7 even in non DX12 titles ? Check out this video to find out.

Windows 10 353.62 drivers are used in this video which at the time are only available through windows 10 update

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Music used = 1st song Tom Day – Going Home
2nd song = Itro – Dreams

Full system specs
Intel i7 4790K overclocked to 4.8Ghz
Asus Maximus…


  1. Tried Windows 10 and 8,1 on 4 difrent computers for 1 year at work before I could go back to Windows 7. Windows 10 is a steaming pile of shit that I will not touch with a 10 foot pole… When support for Windows 7 runs out I will switch to OSX and Linux Mint, it is as simple as that as I do no want a OS made for phones and touchscreen as my desktop OS. 3 of the computers it was running at was i7 3,4ghz and 4,5ghz with GTX1080ti and GTX980ti and gaming performance made a huge increace when going back to Windows 7 on all of them. Video rendering and such I did not notice huge difrence.

  2. Try it on an older hardware… You will get drastic results, like 25-30fps minus on windows 10 compared to 7, I also had lower battery life on my laptop with 10… Just because it boots quick, doesnt mean its good… Also this half tablet half desktop shit is fucking aids, if the simple desktop worked amazing with tablets on 7 why did they had to make this annoying shit in win 10? If I sit down to my pc or tablet/laptop, I want a pc like experience not a phone… If I want a windows phone, I buy one… This mish-mash is prbably the worst thing since ME and vista… shame

  3. I'm not sure what all of you are talking about. Yeah, I was a Windows 7 fan for the longest, but the truth to be witnessed here is Windows 10 provides for far more stable CPU load, while also utilizing less. I've also noticed a single percentage point lower in GPU load. These two observations are sustained throughout the longevity of the video.

    If you're trying to figure out which system provides for better performance, why bother coming here, jumping to conclusions and making false claims? Could it be most of you just go along with the herd and wish to find a product to attack and degrade because it's new and you don't quite understand it fully? The vast majority of you people are so bias, counterintuitive and illogical, while the remaining are simply impressed upon by the latter.
    How many of you were Trump supporters again? Gotcha.

  4. I'm about to get a new build this month, just a low budget pc..

    Asrock ab350m
    Ryzen 3 1200
    Gtx 1050 oc
    Avexir 2×4 ddr4 dual channel

    And i'm not considering yet what os should i use? Do you guys have any recomendation on win 7 / 10?

  5. I Think for now Windows 7 is better cause when į install Windows 10 į got million of problems Start menu not working,privacy problems,and forced update.for now i recommend Windows 7.

  6. In the end windows 7 is the best windows.You can play almost all games on it, its as good or better for gaming than windows 10 and its old so its very well optimized…why the fuck would anyone with little brain in their head get a windows 10…

  7. Windows 7 all versions are fantastic, windows 10 is good too, but with gamers where the dx12 is rarity where the support is little and when it has is bad optimized, windows 7 is the requested melhotr because all the drivers and programs work Wonderfully in it, they knew that has 1080Ti driver for win7, I have the ultimate and I will never change…

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