Windows 10 Vs Windows 8.1 Gameplay Frame Rate Comparison GTX Titan X

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This is for those who were wondering if there is any performance change in gameplay from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

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  1. Win 10 is more faster and the most important thing for gamers win 10 run on dirext x 12 . I play battle field on win 10 after some days i changed my window to 8.1 i feel the big diff in gharapics win 10 results much more .. for olf games like gta 5 etc win 8.1 is best but for new games battle field 1 ,cod ww2 win 10 is best for new games

  2. win8.1 is better for gaming.
    i was having huge stuttering problem on gta 4 when i was using windows 10.
    then i installed win8.1 and those stutturing ussues gone… i get around 45-60fps on gta 4 with high graphics settings .. i am so happy 🙂

  3. Even if Windows 10 had 20% faster performance over Win 7 and 8 I would not use it… Win 10 is so illogical, unintuitive and ugly that it hurts to use it. Windows 8 / 8.1 you can at least modify into something that is useful and does not look like a OS from early 1980`s…

  4. 8.1 will perform better, guaranteed. Windows 10 has too much crap running in the background, such as Cortana, that cannot be shut off and it effects performance. Windows 10 also has horrible driver support. Drivers on 10 behave differently than 8.1, and quite often you get better performance out of 8.1 drivers. The only reason people hated 8.1 was appearance and the only reason people love 10 is because of… appearance. Thats it. I am an ARA tech and I cannot tell you how many times I have to repair a clients computer due to Windows 10 messing everything up.

  5. I'm building a new pc, and I was wondering, my current PC is running windows 10 and I havenet had any problems with it. I would like to get Windows 10 on my new rig, yet I only have a windows 8.1 disc and key. So should I just install windows 8.1 and eventually pay $100 for a windows 10 disc later on? Or should I just stick with windows 8.1? It's gonna be a fairly high end rig with an i7-6700k and a gtx 1080. Any feedback would help!

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