Windows 10 VS Windows 8.1 Gaming Performance Comparison

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Windows 10 FULL Release VS Windows 8.1 on multiple different games & genres for a frame rate performance benchmark!

Please watch on a Computer or tablet as the frame rate isn’t as visible as it should be on a smaller device! (Frame rate is in top left coloured yellow)

I tried to make the comparisons as similar as possible however in some cases this is rather difficult.

In no way am I favouring one OS over the other, I simply wanted to see if there was any performance differences between…


  1. (PS: These are the same type of computers, but they arent the same OS or computer. One model is the 8.1 model and the other is the 10 model, with no hardware tweaks.)
    Windows 10 was averaging about 3 – 5 fps more and sometimes dropped to 2 fps lower for a second.

  2. 8.1 is the best for gaming and everyday use, its rock solid stable, it has NO cortana, spying, ads, it doesn't force you to use Edge Browser. Install Classic Shell and it's even more better!

  3. How can you make an Honest Comparison when you are using different Graphics and "Time" settings on the two systems. example day on windows ten and night on windows 8.1? Come on now.

  4. Windows 10 have mostly better performance – R.I.P. Minecraft 😂 I have dualboot from 10 to 8.1 and I tested GTA V, MC, CSGO, FC4, SR4 and I must say that windows 10 have better fps (+5fps – +50fps) but on csgo when spraying to nearby person it drops on windows 10 from 112fps to 25fps and on windows 8.1 are stable 60fps wtf is wrong 😑

  5. If you have low pc with 1 gb ram,Windows 8.1 is better than Windows 10 🙂 .I don't see soo god Frames but on Windows 10 are FPS are slowing but on Windows 8.1 is from 40-70.I have Windows 10 pro x64 and it's shit.I will back on Windows 8.1 to try gaming 😀

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