Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1: Hands-on Comparison, Review, and New Features!

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I got the Windows 10 Technical Preview! I’m going to show you the primary differences between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. You won’t be disappointed with Windows 10…I’m sure you’ll love it!

0:14 – Start Button
0:30 – Opening Metro Apps
1:05 – Moving & Resizing Metro Apps
1:42 – Running Desktop/Metro Side by Side
3:07 – Explorer / Libraries
3:50 – Right clicking start menu (administrative)
4:14 – Searching
4:35 – PC Settings
5:30 – Control Panel
6:25 – New feature: Multiple Desktops!
6:58 -…


  1. which think pad laptop is on the left? im thinking about getting a think pad for my job. i need something that is very fast because i will using voice call, skype, chatting and other programs at the same time. what would you recommend?

  2. I guess people hating on windows 10 and liking windows 8.1 are the kids. Thats why they are hating the start's pop up menu and liking fullscreen start instead ; cuz they aint familiar with older windows' OSs like Windows 7 Ultimate has been the best modern OS and thats what windows 10 has " mixture of windows 8.1 and 7 ultimate". Thats why Windows 10 is better than 8.1 .

  3. Tbh i dont care about features i care how the appearence is. I like windows 8.1 better cuz its kinda in the middle its windows 7 and looks like windows 10 The folder is same from windows 7 icon. The start is different like windows 10 and all almost similar features too.

  4. my thoughts was like wtf,,,, why is he showing us something most don't care about ?  like a lot of people use windows for gaming or just web browsing and 3rd most people are completely competent with their operating systems and don't like change

  5. you start with the start menu which is fine, talk to me about processes. 8.1 doesnt hog cpu 10 does. 8.1 doesnt use internet when you dont want it to. 10 does. 10 has malware process that you have to got through a major headache to get rid of.

    less processes = low cpu usage

    i dont want to use any of the shit that mircosoft delves out with music or video period.
    i dont use explorer. it sucks.
    "this pc" is bullshit.
    it took your left pc how long to bring up windows x?
    move your mouse to the top right of the screen to bring up search.
    i dont use that slider shit to access the control panel, you simply move you mouse to the top right of the screen to bring up settings.
    again, explorer? really?
    wtf is 2048? minesweeper for millennials?
    avoid 10.

    all my most humble opinion.

  6. Does anyone have network problems? I open my google Chrome and when I enter the adress, it's spinning like crazy and then I get note that it cannot open that site or something lile that… but my network is completly ok, I don't see any interferance with it. And when I restart my pc, it works just fine. Does anyone can think of some solution?

  7. A little of my sarcasm…
    What’s the difference?
    1. Windows 10 has 2×10^64 more bugs compared to the previous windows
    which had 2×10^32 more bugs, compared to the previous version which had
    2×10^16 more bugs…
    Also it runs faster, as long as you have a 64 cores per cpu, 4 cpus
    intel xeon required per board, which will require 1 licence every two
    Now let’s talk about the space requirements. Windows has been
    optimized for .net and cloud computing. In common words, it means that
    the OS desktop xml browser could run on a 256 mb ssd, but no… You will
    need at least 1.86 tb for running the swap file, and another 800gb for
    the o.s.

  8. Can I ask something real quick? When I used Win10 I did not have that shiny square-shaped frame around the icons ON THE TASKBAR. I only have a line under the icon and a flat barely visible square…

  9. Windows 8.1
    Doesn't have all that bloatware apps and games from Microsoft
    Doesn't have Cortana eating your RAM away
    Doesn't have these silly bugs. Endless loadscreen after the lockscreen. Taskbar that suddenly stops working.

    Windows 8.1, as Windows 7 is a FINISHED product while Windows 10 is still getting these updates like the last Anniversary update. I want a finished product and Windows 8.1 + Start8 is great.

  10. in the whole video
    the diff i caught is the taskbar in win10 doesnt creates any confusions and in case of 8.1 you have to go the top left corner
    and the start menu which can be changed in 8.1 by using classic shell
    i dont know what you find cool abt the search option in win 10, in both win u just need to click windows button and then type your search
    pls try to find more diff btw them…if any

  11. Honestly I think Windows 8 is better, my friend who is stupid, upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and it takes ages to just open google chrome. Before he upgraded everything was blazing fast now he has to reset his pc again.

  12. Haha that's fucking funny. I just hit the Windows Key on my laptop which runs 8.1 and a window just like the one on windows 10 popped up…. Hmm what else is this vid lying about….

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