Windows 10 Vs Windows 8 – Project CARS Audi 90 Quattro @ Brands Hatch (Comparative)

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Cockpit Zalem:
Comparativa del windows 10 Vs Windows 8 donde se puede apreciar la diferencia de Fps que hay entre los dos sistemas operativos, el Windows 10 ha salido hace poco y seguro que mejorara con el tiempo, la comparativa es en el juego project cars ya que es el juego que mas recursos necesita y creo que es el mejor para apreciar la diferencia con el nuevo Audi 90 Quattro en el circuito de Brands Hatch

Comparison of…


  1. so on average they are about equal

    there are points in the vid where 10 shows better fps (tiny tho) and points where 8 is better by a few fps

    on the whole they are pretty much identical performance wise going by this video , the biggest difference i noticed was 5fps in win 10's favour (when the game is already running at over 100 fps you aint gonna notice the difference when it hits 105)

  2. necesito ayuda, el patch 4.0 nose que mejora trajo pero me consume el 99 % de las 2 gpu 670 mientras que el patch 3.0 solo me consumia 75 a 80 %, y en window 10 me funciona inestable, necesito que me ayuden . porque a todos le funciona mejor en window 10

  3. Thanks for the video.
    What software do you use to display the FPS and GPU load ?
    Your GPU load is around 75% : does it means you are limited by your CPU ?

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  6. It doesnt feel acurate comparison for me. Is it CLean Install ? Do you use same machine same temps ?
    I have seen over 25 pc side by side on Assetto , PC,DIrt Rally and all of them have the same FPS using Windows 7 , 8 and 10.
    And from a Software point of view P.C. is not posible to get more fps with same drivers , temps and DX.
    I guess your Windows 8.1 install its not clean install or something else is happening.

  7. I switched today to Win10, super easy from Win7. I am not able to get as high a fps on my triples as you show. I am guessing single, and if I run with vsynch off, I do get into the 70's to maybe 80 fps, but it shutters a bit, so I just run the Vsynch on. Very nice picture, my temps are down a degree or two C. My superclocked GTX 780 4Gb does okay, but I am hoping that with the new, not yet installed Seagate 2Tb SSHD hard drive will help just a little. Get me thru a year or two at least… Then I will get a better video card. It is funny though in iRacing I can't run in triple render as smoothly as on Win7, no other changes. I can get in 180's fps in triple but a bit of shutter. But in single beautiful and smooth. So some odd changes. Still impressed at ease of switching.

  8. Hey Marcelo! Tengo un problema y espero me puedas ayudar, acabo de instalar windows 10 y en todos mis juegos los fps disminuyeron considerablemente, una caida de entre 15-25 fps dependiendo el juego, pero en NINGUNO se incremento. A que se debe? Tengo una tarjeta AMD y ya instale y desinstale, probe los nuevos drivers pero nada, espero me puedas aconsejar, gracias!

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