windows 10 vs windows 8 vs windows 7 vs windows xp

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windows 10 vs windows 8 vs windows 7 vs windows xp


  1. Windows xp isn't only for pcs. True:
    Windows XP

    PC – Excellent
    Tablet (Windows XP Tablet PC Edition) – Good
    TV (Windows XP Media Center Edition) – Excellent
    Mobile Phone (Windows XP Mobile 5.0) – Excellent

  2. я только за Windows Server 2003 x64 !!!!! это самая лучшая операционная система !!! как XP , только без каких либо ограничений по памяти, дискам и прочего !

  3. I have Windows 10 (x64) on a 2014 (formerly W8) rig: a Haswell i7 Sabertooth Z87 GTX780 rig with 16Gb 1866 XPG RAM and Samsung V-Nand 500Gb SSD, and it takes about 40 seconds to boot up (even with a Sys32 refresh)…. HOWEVER….. My ancient 2006 PC, a 32-Bit XP rig with 400MHz ram (not even AHCI in BIOS) boots up in about 30 seconds. I also have windows 7 x64 on that dual-boot rig which also boots up in 30 seconds also (also on that older SSD).
    QED …. Windows 10 on Modern hardware is SLOWER to BOOT UP than older OS on older rigs. I only have 25-years experience with computers though. ALSO…. LinuxMint 17 v2 (x64) is far faster to boot than either of them (also; on the older rig).
    And "Yes", I have switched off (or delay-booted) some unnecessary boot programs using MS Config on both rigs.

  4. Windows 8,8.1 and 10 have a habit of locking fully and you need to hard reboot depending on your video driver. Windows 7 uses too much resources from pc 2gig ram wtf why so much and games wanan play its pay to play. Windows Xp was the best all around OS by saying windows xp is low your lying windows xp is by far the better OS I never had a problem with it on the old ATI drivers thats it. No need for me to buy windows 7, 8,8.1 or 10 they  poo unless my nw pc comes with either.

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