Windows 7/8/10 Reset Forgotten Password (Linux Method)

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Simple tutorial showing how to reset any Windows 7/8/10 account password using Linux.

Reset Windows 7/8/10 Password

The Linux Method

You can use any Linux live media for this. But I prefer system rescue disk. After booting, the procedure is same, irrespective of the Linux based media used.

Download system rescue disk from and create a bootable usb using the method mentioned in…


  1. Sir, when i type chntpw -i SAM it shows an error
    openHive(SAM) failed: No such file or directory, trying read-only
    openHive(SAM) in fallback RO-mode failed: No such file or directory
    i have windows 7 home premium.
    sir please help i am new in this enviroment also.
    thank you

  2. What I am doing wrong if console says this after using chntpw -i SAM command?

    "openHive(SAM) failed: Read-only file system, trying read-only
    openHive(): read error: :Read-only file system
    chntpw: Unable to open/read a hive, exiting…"

    Any ideas?


  3. Hey! Can you help me with something! When I updated Win 10 my Debian 7 crashed well the grub failed so I was reinstalling with Debian 8 but I didn't know how to set the grub! It was a message but I didn't know what to do.

  4. would it be possible for u to dumb this down alot more for me pls . im so confused on this . i went to the site for that linux and very complicated stuff . can i use a usb stick instead of cd for linux . can u give me steps to follow pls

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