Windows 7 – Downloading Internet Explorer 10

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Where to download internet explorer on the website


  1. hello im not sure how to describe this but once my computer done a restore and disk check my whole page changed back to window 7 basic. and when I went into my internet it has all changed from how the top bar with the exit button looks, also before if I had numerous pages open I just hovered over the internet icon and each page would show on miniscreen but now it is just writing that pops up. Do you know how I can get it back for I am unsure which internet I had before

  2. I tried to download it but got the message: "Internet Explorer did not finish installation. Setup can't continue because a more recent version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer." Any idea how to solve this? I have IE9.

  3. how much chunk of space does this take up, i have no service pack installed now as i just did a factory restore in fack i have microsft updates shut off as many of these updates just eat away at your harddrive space

  4. I watch my system like a hawk and scan for viruses on a daily basis and malware on a weekly basis. This issue happened the instant IE 10 was installed. I changed my photo file names and the problem is now gone. I went back to IE 9 and YouTube still says I'm using an outdated browser. I think I will drop IE 9 and try a different browser. Sorry Microsoft, but your arrogance has blinded you.

  5. That is not a internet explorer 10 problem … you have a major problem in your core windows install files … you should check for malware .. everyone i know that passed to ie 10 have no problems … and it'S super fast and very reliable. Your problem seems to be in your computer windows install

  6. Do not upgrade to IE10. There are quite a few problems with it that nobody seems to be able to resolve. I went from IE9 to IE10 and could no longer access my photo files when posting on online forums. IE10 was sluggish and very odd in its behavior. I tried to go back to IE9 and the problem remains. I even did a system restore to no avail. Microsoft should get their shit together before infecting people's systems with this bullshit. YouTube says I'm using a browser that is no longer supported.

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