Windows 7 Firewall Tutorial

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In this screencast we look at the Windows 7 Firewall. We look briefly at the settings in the beginning, but most of the screencast discusses how the Windows 7 Firewall treats applications based on your answers to the Windows Security Dialog it provides you with.

This screencast was produced by Ron Grove from Evanoah I/T Services ( If you like it you can find similar videos on his screencast training site


  1. I have a question, I open the windows firewall and then install the program or game, it will alert the windows security alert page, then I should be offline. I use an Aircard, I really do not know how to reply to it offline.

  2. Thank you for such stress free & in depth descriptions! My son & I were trying to figure out why not connecting to a server all of a sudden.Flustered & just stubborn "this time it will work..but not" wasted hours of Your calm voice was soothing & took away the grrrrrr's I hadn't kept silent;) You are the best teacher I've had and that's including all comp courses over the years I've taken & somehow certified in. I cant wait to learn all you've shared. Going to sleep now peacefully confident tomorrow I can fix problem (watching this again first lol). Even if not the reason for today's error, you flipped the light on for me by your outstanding delivery- it was all you !! Thank you for the lesson & the genuine help. I look forward to tomorrow & more of your tutorials. Good night for now and a beautiful tomorrow to you. With much appreciation, Anna

  3. I have one question, I used to play the game called combat 3 in which it's free multilayer browser based unity game. Long time ago (1-2 years), I used to be able to change my sensitivity from the windows mouse sensitivity but now I can't. My question is, could it be because of a registry issues, Firewall, Virus, or something that is blocking me. As I said, the mouse in game sensitivity used to be the same sensitivity as my windows mouse sensitivity but now its' constant.

  4. Windows firewall shouldn't be deleting anything as all it does it control connections from your computer to the Internet. Are you sure that its not the cause of some other software (such as an anti-virus) that's deleting your dynamic link library?

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