Windows 7 Fixes – A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing error

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To fix the problem “A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing” make sure that the DVD disc Installer is not corrupted or the installer is not too..

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and Download the f6flpy-x86 sata drivers


  1. Tried everything. Got nothing. What WORKED for me was installing Intel's "Windows 7* USB 3.0 Creator Utility." I downloaded that, ran it, pointed it to my prepared bootable USB with Windows 7 on, and when it had finished working its magic I ran the USB (again, from USB2 on my mobo) and now Windows is INSTALLING! Can hardly believe it!! Good luck folks this problem is a real pain.

  2. I am using an external odd and os disc to install, having same issues. I went into bios and set to achi mode and raid mode, turned legacy support on, tried plugging it into different usb ports. I have not been able to fix it. I do not have another os as this is a brand new pc that i built myself. I need help, any advice would be great thanks.

  3. i tried installing 32bit windows 7 on hp laptop and get the same error i do download the files both for 32 and 64 bit but at the file rescan step it only shows the downloaded file for 64bit and my usb is not getting detected at all i tried connecting to other ports formating usb in ntfs format but nothing worked i put the downloaded files in cd drive and did all the procedure as mention above

    And the terrible grammar confuses me:
    "After those checklist and the result is same"
    After those check you have gone to school.
    After that download the sata drivers…. WHAT SATA DRIVERS?????????
    Insert The USB stick
    WHAT USB STICK???????

    I'm sorry for all the hate, but you need tp up your freaking game! Hardly anything is explained! It's more of a "Me installing windows 7" video rather than a tutorial.

  5. For those are still searching the solution and here is the solution:
    Step 1: First you must have at least 4 GB flash drive
    Step 2 :Download “wintoflash”
    Step 3 : Run "wintoflash" and make usb bootable windows 7 installer
    (Learn yourself or youtube tutorial)
    Step 4 :Once it's done plug your flash drive to USB 2.0 ( ONLY PLUG IN USB 2.0 )
    Step 5 :Boot your flash drive and install as usual.

  6. Solution if you have MSI Motherboard: Download from MSI site "Windows Smart Tool". It will create bootable USB stick with required drivers. Hope it help 🙂

    Jeśli masz płytę główną od MSI (np. H110 Pro-D jak ja) pobierz ze strony MSI "Windows Smart Tool". Program stworzy bootowalne USB z wymaganymi sterownikami. Mam nadzieję, że pomogłem.

  7. I'm getting this error message and I am NOT using a USB port, I'm using a DVD drive. In fact I changed the drive from a blu-ray to the original DVD thinking that error messages mean what they say. How stupid am I after reading error messages that give you NO CLUE as to the problem for 25 years now. Does it bother anyone else that the error message was over a DVD/CD driver and it gets fixed by installing the Sata Controller driver? I mean WTF do they pay these software people to do, make our lives increasingly difficult? I thought that was the Govts job. This is exactly why I despise people who write code for a living.

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