Windows 7 – Gaming Tweaks that Matter

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some popular but WORKING Windows 7 tweaks; in my experience
–you can also upgrade your RAM; 8GB is enough
–adjust your graphic card settings (CCC/Nvidia CP)
–some 3rd party software dont really work
–changing registry values dont really affect gameplay that much


  1. tbh i dont see any significant improvement on performance, i already tried that kind of tweak but really, it is much better to upgrade your ram, for gaming i highly depend on video card and cpu

  2. that does help some but on that same window performance options click advanced then under virtual memory click change the pre set is to low by default click custom size for initial size click what is recommended if its say 3000 put 3000 for initial size then for max size u would want to put 500 to 1000 higher then click set and ok id restart to ur ram will then have the proper paging file size will run say games better many cases much better fram rates

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