Windows 7 – How to download and install Open Office

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– We teach baby boomers and seniors how to use their computers. In this video you’ll learn how to download and install Open Office. Open Office is a free suite of software intended to replace Microsoft Office.


  1. okay this works very well but there are some issues with it…. first when you finish the first page and next to second page if you add picture it stays on first page and never attached on second so i need to make another file.. second the selections are very hard to find.. but it work very well thanks I got my latest version

  2. HAHAHA replace Microsoft office (nice joke mate)
    1. its shit
    2. it hard to work
    3. if it does work after you have tried it when you make a file e.g writer doc adn save it you lose it after a few days
    4. if you change the file to Microsoft office format then you will spend the next hour trying to make it all neat and tidy and not bunched together

    personal experience

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