Windows 7-How to record audio directly from computer

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This is a tutorial on how to record audio directly from your computer.
It should work on most modern Windows OS’s, but this one was done specifically in Windows 7.
Also, I don’t have a mic, so you’ll have to read 🙂

Download an update at:

You will need:
-Realtek HD audio codec driver
-Sound recorder (already…


  1. man please help, i have win 7 64bit that works on a laptop.
    now i was searching a few months ago why when i hit to show hidden devices,
    nothing appears.
    there's only a microphone.
    my laptop is not old but maybe the windows i use doesn't install the stereo mix thing,
    i don't know.
    if i install Realtek HD audio codec driver, will it mess up my sound?
    i use audio and video drivers from nvidia.
    can you help me fix this?

  2. This works like a champ! But you need to update because the Dell I used does not have Realtek…it uses IDT but works just the same. Instead of Stereo Mix, it's call Rec. Playback (IDT High Definition Audio…). Just select and make default, disable all other devices (so it doesn't pick up outside noise) and record the sound as shown in the vid.

  3. I guess the easiest way, if you don't want the hazzle of downloading a new program and learning how to use it + altering your default settings, is to connect a mini jack from your headset plug and back into your microphone plug (loop). This works because then the PC thinks it's receiving sound from an outside source when in fact you are playing the sound from the PC itself. I did the yesterday and it works like a charm.

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