Windows 7 Magnifier

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The magnifier utility set to ship free with Windows 7 has been significantly improved over previous versions. Features include full screen magnification and a moving lens.

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  1. Hi.  I need to lock the lens in one place.  There is a counter in a piece of software that I use.  The counter is too small for me to see, but I can see the rest of the items in that same piece of software.  I need to be able to use my mouse for other tasks while keeping the counter magnified.  Is it possible to "lock" the lens in one fixed place on my screen (ie: over the counter), so that my mouse is available for me to continue with other tasks (without the lens continuing to follow the mouse)?

  2. This is great news. It's a shame you did not know of it before! I use it when doing my online banking because the font they use is so small (or I could use CTRL +, CTRL -, and CTRL 0 to adapt the font size in any web browser). If you have a visual impairment and this feature does not fully meet your needs then you may want to consider procuring Zoomtext Express which presents magnified fonts with greater clarity than the magnification feature in Windows 7.

  3. dude it doesnt work!every time i hold donw the windows button then click the plus button, it just makes that freaking retarded "BING" sound…do you do (Win+Shift+(+))?or (Win+=)???please help me as soon as possible

  4. What build is your Windows 7??
    Your magnifier has got no useless "Docked" view! And that's pretty good! Since my magnifier's "Docked" view makes Desktop Windows Manager crash!!!

  5. I'm not sure what it is you like about the older version of the magnifier, but there is a Docked view option in the new magnifier. Perhaps that will give you the effect you're looking for.

  6. The full screen and lens mode of the magnifier in Windows 7 are really useless compared to the dockable magnifier in Windows XP. You can get the dock-magnifier in Windows 7, but unfortunately you have to disable Aero in order to do so.

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