Windows 7 on Parallels (with download link)

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I’m personally a Mac user… I only run Windows XP in Parallels or Bootcamp if I need to.
Anyways I thought I’d try out the Windows 7 RC in parallels – why not?
So here is the video I made of me messing around in Windows 7.
Not sped up at all, with sounds and all.
In the video I show off many of the built-in features of Windows 7 such as the chess and media center. I know I forgot to give you a preview of the Windows “control panel” but it’s basically the same…


  1. I have a monitor parallel driver issue… Device manager doesn't recognize my monitor driver as macbook pro monitor. What should I have to do to install the monitor driver that my mac has?
    Macbook Pro with mac osx 10.6.8
    Please someone help me!

  2. There is no operating system installed in this virtual machine. Please insert an operating system installation CD into the optical drive of your Mac and restart the virtual machine.

    i bought it from parallels but i didn't got a cd with it beacause it was electrical i have problems with the iso file i think can you please help me because i am now thinking that i threw 70 euros in the trash sow….

  3. @iJonny015 Windows 7 should run pretty fast on your setup (especially considering Parallels 6 which just came out 2 days ago), however Halo 2 will probably be pretty laggy unless you're in Bootcamp. If I were you I'd spend the extra $500 for the i7 – it's a great investment for the future.

  4. UPDATE:

    From now on I won't be responding to any comments on my videos, nor will I be posting new videos on this account.
    My new account is: MrSquabbles. Go subscribe to it if you want.

    Enjoy the video!

  5. if i installed windows 7 on bootcamp (so i restart everytime to go in windows) can i install parallels and use it to start windows without restarting? (AND without re-installing windows on another partition)? anyone knows? sorry sounds confusing.

  6. Oh… I actually cut out most of the boot up time so that the video wouldn't go over 10 minutes.
    Good question though! It takes quite a while on my computer too.

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