Windows 7 Parental Controls – Complete Tutorial

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Learn how to set up and test Windows 7 Parental Controls easily. This video includes time restrictions, game restrictions and application restrictions.


  1. Selecionar um usuário e configurar os Controles dos Pais

    Administrador do computador
    Protegido por senha

    Usuário padrão
    Sem Senha

    Administrador do computador
    Sem Senha

    Usuário padrão
    Sem Senha

  2. hello sir, i done what you shown, before closing time limit showing as 1 minute remaining so on…, after dead line time out it should come to login screen, but still windows continues and time extended and showing 0 hours and 59 mts… and also for eg.. when i selected 8 to 9 pm.. it has to allow exactly after 8, but it is not allowing my child on that time… how this can happen….

  3. Hi there, I have setup an account for my 9 year old son in family safety mode. I have also setup a time restriction to 2 hours a day Monday to Friday and 3 hours weekends. When my son is in his account, how does he find out how much time he has left?

  4. This is a great idea, however, including this, i reccomend getting deep freeze, and net nanny. Net nanny is exploitable, but deep freeze is hard to get past. It basically freezes your computer in a state that is unchangeable by the user, when it reboots, it resets.

    Putting forth parental controls, net nanny, and deep freeze assures your child wont be going anywhere you dont want them to go.

  5. Thanku..trying to set this up for my mate for her children. Can't get around the 'web filtering' bit explains on the Microsoft website but doesn't show you how to get onto that page to begin with.

  6. wow you waited a long time to post that but ok… and i have a new computer now and i told my mom if she does anything like this i will punch her so yh

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